Review: Educational Toys from Pink Montessori

Montessori education has been around for many years. It was founded by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. This type of education is based on self-guided activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play. I found Pink Montessori while searching for education toys to get for my daughter Zoey.

I was fortunate enough to receive a generous package from Pink Montessori for review. Montessori teachings focus on key developmental stages in a child’s life. It allows the child to learn at their own pace, learn in a nurturing and appropriate environment, develop their creativity, and to have individualized learning.

From Pink Montessori, I have a nesting toy, blocks and geometric shapes. These toys/tools are for toddlers and help them use their senses to learn about their environment. In Montessori teachings, sensorial objects (blocks, geometric shapes) teach children to figure out differences and similarities in objects. Children get to learn the differences between small and large objects, differences between shapes, and differences between colors.

Stacking and nesting toys help with children’s language and fine motor skills. These toys help children grasp different shapes and stack them on top of each other. The nesting toy (the egg and cup) is easier for infants because the egg goes right into the cup without it falling out. It’s hard for my daughter Zoey to stack blocks because she’s too young. She has no problems with the egg and cup. Stacking toys also help with balance. When using stacking blocks, babies sit up or sit on their knees which helps them adjust their balance while playing.

I had Zoey play with all of these toys even though I know the blocks are too advanced for her right now. She enjoyed playing with them for minutes at a time. She can actually place the geometric shapes in their own spots. She can’t stack the blocks but she will be able to eventually and I can’t wait to let her play with them when she’s older.

These tools are great and very important in the development of children’s minds. They are of high quality and even though Zoey chews on them, the paint on them haven’t come off. They

If you’d like to purchase these products please click here: Pink Montessori. Pink Montessori was founded in 2013 to provide the best educational tools to nurture children and help our children grow. Check out their store for more.

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  1. Kelly Woolbright says:

    Hi there! Just wondering if you would still recommend products from Pink Montessori? Thanks!


  2. Julia S says:

    I bought some Montessori supplies form this company a while back. Some of the items were fine, but the puzzle maps were not good. I was excited at first because this company makes puzzles maps in a smaller than normal size, which is great for homeschooling, but there are mistakes on the maps. Central America doesn’t connect with South America. Several countries are missing from Central America. Eritrea isn’t there at all; it’s just shown as being part of Ethiopia. The shapes of several countries in Asia are way off.


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