Review: Uncle Goose Blocks

Since Zoey’s turning one soon, I thought it appropriate to get her some blocks for her birthday. I turned to Uncle Goose because they have amazing baby toys that allow babies and toddlers to think. We need to nurture our children’s minds with simple toys so as to fuel their minds and promote creative play. Stacking toys are important because they help develop baby’s fine motor skills, visual and spatial perception, gross motor skills, balance control and language skills. It’s a totally interactive experience with your child, especially with this little cubelings.


I was sent these adorable little cubes by Uncle Goose. These cubes are painted with child-safe inks and are made of basswood. They are small 1.75″ cubes made in the USA. There are six sets, Forest, Jungle, Pets, Farm, Safari and Sea. Each set comes with four blocks. I’m so happy and thankful to Uncle Goose for sending me all of the sets for review. These are beautifully made blocks that inspire children to think beyond just stacking blocks. They are creatively painted with different animals that children can learn from. Kids can also learn colors from these blocks. These sets come with paper environments so kids can role play. I didn’t take them out for Zoey because she’s too young to play with paper. She’ll just eat them. I am hoping that she will play with them as she gets older.

The package says that these blocks are for toddlers two years and up. Zoey is almost one and I let her play with the blocks for a little while. I didn’t let her play with them by herself because the edges and corners of the blocks are not sanded smooth. I was afraid that she would cut her gums with them. She still wants to eat her toys and anything she can get her cute little hands on. So for now, I will keep them for her until she is two. When they came out of the package, there were little bits of wood on some of the blocks so just clean them off first before giving them to your kids.

These are high quality blocks your kids will enjoy for years to come. They’re education and so much fun to play with. You can purchase them here on their website: Cubelings. Or you can get them at Target.

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