Review: Legend

I’m fascinated by legends and myths from other countries. When I was in grade school I was obsessed with the Greek myths. I even researched them for a school project. Legend is a comic book series written and illustrated by Jerry Ma. This was a kickstarter that was successfully funded in 2016. Legend is based on the story of Ao Guang. Ao Guang is the Dragon King in Chinese mythology. According to the myth, Ao Guang is one of four dragon kings. The dragon kings watch over the rain and sea water. Ao Guang was in charge of the Eastern Sea of China. Ao Guang was eventually killed by a child warrior, Nezha.


In Legend, two brothers, Poc and Troy, set out on a journey to defeat Ao Guang. They had heard that anyone who drinks from the waters he guards can gain supernatural powers. Troy’s girlfriend Meiling joins them on this heroic adventure because she is worried something might happen to them.

I was fortunate enough to get to read the first two issues of Legend. We need more diversity when it comes to books and this one is a great addition to my library. I’m part Chinese and it’s nice to be able to relate to what I’m reading. Even though I don’t know much about that part of me, reading a story that takes place in China helps to enlighten me about a country with such a rich history and culture.



Legend has an exciting and intriguing story. It revolves around this theme of glory and heroic duty. Poc and Troy live in a poor village named Xi Wang. The town is struggling and the brothers just want to bring hope and joy to the town. Maybe defeating Ao Guang will bring prosperity to Xi Wang.

The art is beautifully drawn in a way that compliments the story. The artwork is intricate and nicely detailed. I love how the shadows are drawn because it gives the characters a more edgy look. The story is playful but also has some serious dialogue. There is a nice balance between the two. I like how their conversations are modernized to appeal to a younger audience. I wouldn’t have minded a more formal dialogue, but that’s just me. I’m old-fashioned. The second issue ends in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

If you’d like to purchase click here: Legend.

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