Review: Gibbs Smith Books

I received three books from Gibbs Smith Publishing for review. Since Zoey is at that age when she can understand what we say, I thought it would be appropriate to read these books to her. She actually pays attention now. She points at the pictures and see that she’s absorbing everything she’s seeing and hearing. I got three board books which are typically for infants because they’re sturdier and she can learn to turn thicker pages. I chose books from their BabLit series. I thought that these were adorable because they paid homage to classic literature.


Little Women, A Playtime Primer illustrates different activities children could engage in while at play. The activities highlighted in the book are things from the actual book, Little Women. Activities such as dancing, sewing, skating, picnicking and gardening are included in the book. There are also phrases, mentioning the characters from Little Women doing those activities, printed below the words. It’s a fun take on playtime.



The Jungle book teaches children about animals in the jungle. This book is an animal primer. It’s written in the same way as Little Women. Each character in the Jungle Book is featured in a fun and colorful way. My little Zoey loves this book because the animals are drawn in a way that makes them pop out of the page. I love the contrast of the background colors to the animals on the pages.


The last book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is a primer for colors. This is a great book to read to kids. We’ve all seen this movie or read the book. And I’m sure that we’ll be sharing this story with our children. This book groups the characters and items in the Wizard of Oz according to their colors. Reading this book to Zoey brought back memories of my childhood. I remember sitting in the living room with my family and we’d watch the Wizard of Oz. It is a magical story and I remember I wanted to go to Oz and experience it for myself.


These books are light reads, colorful and fun for toddlers. It was fun for me too because these are books I grew up with. It’s a refreshing change. Instead of your ordinary book of colors and animals, you get fantasy and adventure. It brings back memories that you can share with your children. These books introduce children to the great classics they have yet to read. I think that everyone should have these in their children’s libraries. They’re fantastic books that they will enjoy for years to come.

You can purchase their books here: Gibbs Smith Publishing, BabyLit.

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