Review: Adam Wolfe

I was approached by Mad House Games to review Adam Wolfe. It is marketed as a neo-noir hidden object adventure game. I haven’t played a lot of these games and this is the first adventure hidden object game I have encountered. Adam Wolfe is the protagonist in this game and he is trying to solve his sister’s disappearance. There are four cases included in this game and with each case he receives clues that lead him closer to finding out what happened to his sister.


You start off with a short clip introducing the main character and what his main purpose is. The clip really pulled me into the story. The setting, the music and the voiceover really sets up the noir theme of Adam Wolfe. This game is unique in that it is much more interactive than your average hidden object game. It’s a fully immersive experience. It features such beautiful graphics and the details are amazing. It really makes me feel like I’m there. The voice actors are great and they don’t sound awkward at all like they typically do in some games. It’s almost like an interactive movie because I got to fight the bad guys instead of just watch Adam Wolfe do it.

The allows you to choose the difficulty level you are comfortable with, easy, medium and hard. You can even customize the difficulty level to your liking. Playing on the hardest difficulty really makes you use your deductive and observational skills.


The game has puzzles scattered in various scenes. I absolutely love puzzles. I don’t always solve them but I appreciate the added difficulty in the game. This reminds me of The Room series of puzzle games.

The pacing of the game is just right for this genre. I’m more of a casual gamer nowadays because between taking care of Zoey and everything else, I don’t have much time to devote myself to an RPG or an action-adventure game. I like to take my time with games when I do get to play because I love immersing myself in different worlds. It’s something that is unique to video games. It’s not like a movie or a book. When you play a game, you get to be that character and be a part of this wonderful story. Adam Wolfe’s story is easy to follow but it’s also intriguing. After playing the first episode, I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened to his sister. Is she still alive or was she just used as bait? And who is that man cloaked in white?


If you are a fan of noir or sci-fi, you’ll enjoy this game. It takes a few days to finish, unless you played it all the way through in one sitting. You could probably finish it in 6 hours if you did that.

This game is available on the iOS and Steam.

On iOS, parts of first episode are free and the rest of the episode is available for $3.99, $11.99 if you want to unlock the entire game. If purchased separately, the last three episodes can be purchased for $3.99 each as in-app purchases. Also, if you purchase episodes 2-4 together, it is $9.99.

On Steam, episode 1 is $5.99. Episodes 2-4 are $15.99. If you want to purchase the whole game, it is $19.99.

The audio is in English but it also has subtitles in French, German, Russian, simplified Chinese and Serbian.

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