Feature: Mekong Magic

I had the pleasure of browsing through this store the other day. Mekong Magic was founded by Khongvilay Malzone in 2016. Her shop is in Haymarket Virginia and was created to spread joy to families and their children through toys and cute clothing. She has since expanded the store to include other items such as mugs, bathrobes and slippers. The store is named after the Mekong river, the very place Malzone’s family farm was adjacent to. The Mekong river, to the Lao, is known as, “Khong, Mother of Waters”, an important body of water. The iconic river is even depicted on their flag. Mekong Magic’s logo also has an image of the river above the name.

Mekong Magic is a cute shop that offers adorable baby clothes, blankets and other items. Malzone was nice enough to send me an 18 month romper, a Hello Kitty blanket and Star Wars chopsticks to review.

The Buster Brown romper I received is adorable. Zoey has large thighs and it still fit through the romper. I got the 18 month romper instead because I knew she would grow out of the 12 month one soon. She’s growing so fast! I can’t believe how much she can do now. She loves the onsie because it’s flexible and it moves with her as she plays. Buster Brown rompers are made of high quality material. Rompers are perfect for the summer when kids can be more active outside. I love the frilly skirt and the detailing on the romper. It’s definitely one of my favorite clothes to put on her now.



The Hello Kitty blanket is so soft and cute. It’s perfect for the summer because it is light. It’s made of fabric that breathes so Zoey won’t get too sweaty. I always try to get Hello Kitty clothes or toys for her because I want to bring a little Asian flair to what she wears. There’s not enough Asian influence in her toys and clothes so Hello Kitty helps a little.

The chopsticks are great. I love the Star Wars franchise and I love eating with chopsticks. These are based on Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s Lightsabers. These are made of plastic and they are high quality utensils. I like to bring a little playfulness to my meals so these chopsticks are perfect. It brings out the geek in me.

Mekong Magic has a ton of items to choose from. Head on over there and see for yourself. She has an online shop too: Mekong Magic.

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