Review: Willa Walker

I happened upon the Willa Walker on Kickstarter one day and I found it fascinating. The Willa Walker was created by Playful Nature, LLC; founded by Gabe Cohn. Cohn, a mechanical engineer by trade, came up with the idea after babysitting his niece Willa. You can read their story here and how they are helping the environment with every sale: The Willa Walker Story.

Playful Nature was nice enough to send me a Willa Walker for review. When I first opened the package I fell in love with it. The walker was placed in a cloth pouch which was a nice touch. I always appreciate great packaging. The walker looked amazing. I had my daughter’s name etched onto it along with animals from the jungle. I had requested for more monkeys to be on there because Zoey was born in the year of the monkey. They did a great job with the design.

When I first started using the walker with Zoey, she grabbed onto it and got so excited. At first she was just standing there, waving her arms around and smiling. When she started walking, it was easy for me to maneuver her around the house. It’s so much easier than bending down to help her walk. The Willa Walker is easy to use and I can turn her by just twisting the wooden handle.

The walker allows her to learn how to walk without the stiffness of hand holding. The straps on the walker are fluid enough that it allows her to lead you where she wants to go. I just have to pay attention to where she is leading me or she ends up falling on her knees. Right now she is using the Vtech sit-to-stand walker. I usually walk behind her just in case she falls. The Willa Walker takes the Vtech walker a step further because it creates this interaction between the parent and the child. With the Willa Walker I get to guide her and at the same time she controls how fast she can go. She gets to learn how to walk at her own pace. She learns to balance her body and learn to walk better.



This is my preferred walker and I highly recommend it. Just make sure that your baby has good control of their head before they use it. Zoey started using a walker at 10 months. I wanted to get one sooner but it’s better for them to crawl as much as they can. Crawling helps develop their motor skills.

If you’d like to buy a walker go here: Willa Walker.

If you’d like your walker to be customized go here: Custom Engraving.

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