Feature: The problem with microfibers

When you think about pollution it’s usually about carbon emissions, landfills, microbeads, medications being dumped into our water supply, just to name a few. What if I told you that microfibers should be one of our top pollution concerns? I myself have never thought about it and I’m sure other people haven’t either. It’s the silent polluter that evades the most diligent of recyclers.


So what is a microfiber and where do they come from? A microfiber is a tiny thread that sheds from our clothes. These threads are less than 5mm in diameter. These tiny plastic threads are polluting our waters and hurting the wildlife that resides there. And we are also eating these threads. This isn’t like the microbeads problem. Microfibers are a major issue and much more harmful to the ecosystem. Microbeads can pass through the GI system but microfibers latch on to the GI tract. This in turn kills fish and other wildlife.

You would think that microfibers can be banned because it’s so bad for the environment. However, since fabrics that contain microfibers are used for athletic wear, they probably will never be banned. Athletic wear is used by a handful of people you see every day. Wind resistant and waterproof clothing have microfibers. Because of what we need and what we are used to with regards to clothing, microfibers are here to stay.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. Cora ball is a product that catches microfibers in the wash. It is named after the coral reef because like the reef, the cora ball catches tiny little particles from your clothes. The cora ball was developed and created by experienced scientists, educators and innovators. It’s very easy to use. Just throw it into the wash and it will do its job. Afterwards, just pick off the fibers from the ball. The added bonus is that it catches hair too. This is a huge plus because I shed a lot and I’m sure you do too.

Here is their kickstarter page if you’d like to donate to the cause: Cora Ball. They have 20 days left.

I will be posting my review here once the product has been produced. I hope you guys found this informative.

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