Review: Zeitgeist Gifts

I received both of these products complimentary from Zeitgeist Gifts for review purposes. These products are by Donkey Products which is located in Hamburg Germany. Donkey Products aim to create unique products that become great gifts for your family and loved ones.

Soft Music Box Jukebox Heroes
I chose this item because it was just so cute. I knew that my little Zoey would love playing with it. It’s so perfectly pink and who doesn’t love those old jukeboxes. They have other soft music boxes too, one is a smartphone and the other is a drill.

This soft music box is made of polyester and cotton with a polyester filling. It’s feels sturdy and the painted image is of high quality. This is important because my daughter loves to scratch and chew on everything. She has already started chewing through her wooden crib. I have a feeling that she’s going to have this jukebox for a while before she burrows into it.

I love how it has a handle at the top. That’s how she holds it sometimes when she carries it around the house.

The colors are vibrant and fun. It attracts the eye and that is exactly what you want in a kids toy. The cord is sturdy and pulls easily. The song that plays is quiet but then again, you don’t want the song to be too loud. It plays a sweet lullaby that is pleasing to the ears. Here is the link to where you can purchase this and the other music boxes: Soft Music Boxes.

Pencil Case Donkey Doodle Sneaker
This pencil case is just so cute. I wanted the red one but it was sold out. It’s just perfect. It might even be in my shoe size. I put my foot next to it and it looked like it might have fit. It’s the same color as my Converse shoes.

It carries a good number of items. I put makeup in mine because you could totally use this for things other than pens and pencils. I love the laces. That was a nice touch. The shoe came with markers too which is great because I love decorating my stuff. It comes with black, red, green and blue markers. They’re washable markers so you can wash it out and start over. Or you can use permanent markers to make the pencil case your own. Here’s the link where you can get your own: Donkey Doodle Sneaker.

Zeitgeist Gifts has other wonderful items you can gift to your friends and family. Here’s the link to their shop: Zeitgeist Gifts. If you’re looking for unique and quirky items, they’ve got exactly what you need. Head on over and check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

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