Review: 8-Bit Art Kits

I’ve always been fond of making 8-bit art. They remind me of the old days when it wasn’t called 8-bit art. It was called cross stitching which is a form of 8-bit art. Part of my childhood was spent in Singapore. In elementary school, art class consisted of sewing and cross stitching. When I was older I got into playing video games and created video game/marvel characters using Perler Beads and Hama Beads.


In this 8-Bit Art kit you can create a large version of Mario on your walls, windows or doors. It’s a great way to spruce up any game room, kids room and pretty much any room in your house. I received my first kits from Ultimate Source. Ultimate Source has partnered with McDonald’s, Revell, Nintendo and Activision to create toys and products that promote play and fun. I was contacted by their social media marketing manager who was kind enough to send me not one, but two kits. 8-Bit Art has been around for years and people have been using Post-it notes to create these large works of art. Only now we have 8-Bit Art kits. It’s ingenious and much more convenient. How many times have you run out of a certain color because you miscalculated or had to buy a whole pack even though you just needed five Post-it notes to finish your creation. Now you don’t have to worry about that.

Each packet comes with 200 colored sticky note paper squares, a Mario grid reference guide and a quick start guide. There are extra sticky notes in there. I posted an image below of how many paper squares I had left. The guide is self-explanatory and very easy to follow. The sticky notes will stick to any surface but will do best on glass, poster board or a wall that has been painted with flat paint. The wall I worked on wasn’t the best surface but when I tried it on the window, it adhered better. If you have a large glass door or a large window, that would be perfect. The sticky notes are of very high quality. The colors are very pigmented and vibrant.

These 8-Bit Art kits are targeted for kids 6 and up. My niece and nephew are 4 and 5, respectively. They play with stickers all the time. Anything with a sticky backing fascinates them so I think they would love these. In this day and age kids play too many video games and are glued to the TV. Any type of craft that gets a child thinking is great. Adults can also get in on the fun because these aren’t just for kids. 8-bit art is nostalgic of the 80’s when kids spent the afternoon lounging on the couch playing Super Mario on the NES.

The first one I tried was jumping Mario. Here’s some video footage of me putting this one together. It took me about 30 minutes to finish. As you can probably tell, I was trying to pat down the sticky papers because they were lifting a little bit. With the kind of paint that’s on my walls, the papers didn’t stick as well. I tried one of the papers on my window and that worked a lot better. As of right now, my 8-Bit Art has been on my wall for three days. Mario looks great on my wall and I think he’s going to be hanging out there for quite a while until my next creation.

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    Design, writing, everything about site…really good !


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