Movie Reveiw: Gantz: O

We happened onto this anime on Netflix. We are big anime fans and we thought that we should check this out to see if it was worth watching. The story is very interesting and it is based on the manga series by Hiroya Oku. It’s very violent, has nudity and is sexually explicit. The manga has 37 volumes and was turned into an anime which had 26 episodes. I would rather that it didn’t have nudity because it would have been more enjoyable without it. Japanese manga/anime have always been more adult that anything else. That’s my only gripe about them.


This movie revolves around a group of people who had died and are resurrected to play a game. The goal is to fight a bunch of aliens who want to destroy Earth. I really like the concept because it’s like a virtual reality video game and the players have to finish missions on a certain area of a map. The area in the movie is Osaka. We follow Masaru, Reika, Yoshikazu and Joichiro as they fight aliens to survive. It is revealed later in in the movie that if you get at least 100 points from killing aliens, you will be given options when you return to base: 1. Player gets a unique and powerful weapon; 2. Player gets to revive a dead player; 3. Player gets to return to their life but their memories of the game will be erased.


For the most part, this was a good anime film. I just didn’t like the alien that transformed into this grotesque figure that was made up of hundreds of naked women. It was just something that I did not care to see. Also, the women in the movie had boobs made of water balloons because they moved way too much. If it weren’t for those things, I would have said that this is a fantastic anime film. Since when did great movies need to have stuff like that?

Audience: R
Imaginative Factor: 9
Acting: 7
Story: 9
Direction: 10
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    It’s tough to find an anime that doesn’t have water balloon boobs hehe. This movie is graphic in parts, but trust me compared to the manga or the 2004 anime it is quite tame.


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