Noisy Neighbors

There used to be a sweet old lady who lived across the street from my parents house. After sometime she couldn’t live there anymore so they tried to sell the house. Months went by and no one would buy the house until finally there were college students living there. Later I found out that a fraternity had moved into the house. There is a college near the high school I used to go to and I have never heard of that school being a party school so I gave them the benefit of the doubt…maybe they won’t be noisy.


They ended up being exactly what anyone would expect them to be…a nuisance to the neighborhood. I can’t believe they would sell the house to a fraternity. I mean, I know the house needed to be sold but to a FRATERNITY!?!?! They don’t belong to a quiet neighborhood. The first night they had a party, they were being really loud. Someone even told my dad that he should report them to the police. Um, excuse me? Why don’t you do it? You live here too don’t you?

As I’m writing this, they’re out there sitting in on one of their cars and playing obnoxious music. I had put Zoey to nap upstairs and I can hear them more up there. I just hope she doesn’t wake up. It was hard enough to put her to sleep. I know that I might be too picky and complaining too much but people live in this neighborhood because it is quiet and safe. Now it’s noisy on the weekends and sometimes weekday nights. It’s warm right now so they’re even worse. I have no respect for people who don’t respect for their surroundings. I just want them out of here but there is no way to do that unless they get arrested for possession. We can only hope right?


Now I’m even more paranoid because I don’t trust them. I make sure that the door is locked and the car door is locked. I don’t want them breaking into the house and stealing the car. Their presence just makes this neighborhood less safe. I think our neighbor even called the cops on them recently. I saw a police car in the street. Our neighbor started talking to them and they looked like they were talking about the fraternity. The police left and nothing happened.

So now we’re just going to have to play nice. Maybe they’ll eventually leave. Who knows.

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