The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 1

Parenting is a difficult thing. Recently I have been worried that we haven’t been nurturing her growing mind correctly. For months I had been meaning to get some books on the subject but only now did I actually get to choosing some books. The book I’m currently reading is called “The Whole-Brain Child” by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. There are many opinions and thoughts on how to raise children but I believe that understanding a child’s brain is the best way for us. Siegel is a neuropsychiatrist and Bryson is a parenting expert. I got this book on Amazon because it was the book with the highest rating and it was the most popular. Many parents seem to find this book helpful so I thought that we should give it a try. I’ve only started reading this book and apparently, this book is geared towards children from birth to 12 years old.

I wanted to write this post and future posts on what I learned from the book and how it applies to Zoey. I wanted to share this for those who are interested on learning about raising their kids this way. The book shares with us 12 strategies to nurture your child’s brain in order to promote healthy growth.

The first chapter talks about the two parts of the brain, the left and the right. The focus for this chapter is integration. The left and right sides have to communicate with each other for there to be balance. Just like with everything in life, if there is no balance, there is either chaos or rigidity. The book explains it in a way that helps us understand this concept of integration.

The brain can actually be rewired using new experiences. This is a comforting thought because I’m always afraid of messing up or teaching her the wrong things. I’m glad that we can re-teach and help her brain develop in the best way possible. Right now Zoey likes to watch the tv even though she has no idea what is going on. Sometimes she even falls asleep watching tv. I rock her in the rocking chair and she just stares until she closes her eyes. I know that it’s a bad habit but I’m trying to break it. I had read that children shouldn’t watch television until they are 2 years old. The can watch when they are younger but you have to talk to them and supplement what they are seeing on the screen. Here’s an interesting article written by pediatrician, David Hill: Why to avoid tv for infants and toddlers.

This book seems very insightful and I can’t wait to read chapter 2.

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