My Root Canal Experience

One day my mom noticed my two front teeth separating. I thought that it was because my wisdom teeth were taken out and now my teeth are spreading out. My dentist appointment was that week so then I asked the dentist about it. Apparently, my teeth aren’t suppose to do that. All my other teeth are so close together and the two front teeth were separating. He showed me the x-rays and there was this black mass between the two teeth near the base. He assumed it was some sort of cyst. He said that I should see another specialist. So then he referred me to the oral surgeon.

The oral surgeon took CT scans of my head to get a 3D view of the mass. He didn’t know what it was either. He said that I need to see my dentist so he can check the vitality of my teeth. In other words, he wanted to know if I had dead teeth. In the tooth there is something called the pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and tissue. If the tooth is alive, he would cut open a flap above my teeth where the mass is and take it out. If the tooth is dead, I would have to get a root canal.

I went to my dentist and he tested my teeth to see if it would react to a cold substance. My teeth did not so he referred me to a root canal specialist. The root canal specialist did a full exam of my teeth. He poked and prodded. He wiggled my teeth. He did everything to see if my teeth were, in fact, infected. He didn’t see any sign of infection around the teeth. He also tested my teeth to see if they were responsive to cold and yielded the same results. The teeth were dead. There were two dead teeth. I was hoping for only 1…but there were, unfortunately 2. So then they took x-rays before the root canal.

I didn’t actually think I was going to have a root canal on the same day as the evaluation. I was getting really anxious and scared because I didn’t do my research online before the appointment. First he injected my upper gum with novocaine. At first I told him I didn’t even feel the injection. I didn’t know there were going to be multiple injections. There must have been 4 or 5 of them. He was wiggling my upper lip to relax it while he was injecting the novocaine. Each injection after the first one felt like little stabs into my gums. I was dreading every single one. At some point the dental technician said she had lost track of something. Uh…that’s not something I want to hear. Good thing the doctor was paying attention.

The whole procedure took about 2 excruciating hours. It wasn’t that it was so painful. It was the multiple sharp tools poking into my teeth and gouging out the pulp. It’s the thought of potential pain and discomfort. I was even thinking that the c-section was easier to take than this. The doctor only put a temporary filling in so I would have to go back to my dentist to get that filled permanently. He said it was plaster that it put in there. It is suppose to settle in there for about 3 hours. I won’t be able to eat anything hard until I get my teeth filled. I guess no candy unless I eat that on the left side of my mouth. For some reason I just don’t get the same satisfaction from my food if I’m just eating on one side. We even had pizza for dinner and it wasn’t as enjoyable. I just want this to be over with!!! And I can’t make an appointment today because the dentist’s office is closed Friday and the weekend. And I might not get an appointment until later because they might be booked. If I can’t get an appointment in time, I might have to go to another dentist. I don’t want to ruin my root canal and have to get another one.

If you haven’t had a root canal, I’ve probably already scared you. It’s really not that horrible. It’s not as scary as I’m describing…or it might be. It really depends on you. Are you the kind of person who dreads going to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned? Do you wince every time you hear the dentist say those two words…”open wide!” I hate going to the the dentist, so this experience was the worst I have ever had at a medical facility. I hope you never get to experience this, but if you do…Good Luck!


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