Snow Day

It’s the first real snow of 2017. There’s snow everywhere and I wish it had snowed like this last year at Christmas. It’s only normal for kids to want to sled down a nice hill. But usually kids sled down their own hills. It was noon and my mom was busy in the kitchen when she looks out the window and sees our neighbor’s children trying to sled down our hill. The first thoughts that came into my head were…”what the…?” and “i can’t believe they’re doing that…” It would have been fine if we knew them and they had asked for permission. What if we wanted to have Zoey play in the snow? Did their guardian/parent (I saw him/her just sitting outside) even think about that? It makes my blood boil how rude people can be. It makes me more mad that they’re still there as I’m writing this blog.

I might be overreacting but this is my parent’s private property and they should not be on it. My dad even wanted to take pictures of the fresh snow with his new camera. It looks like crap now. I just don’t know where people get this kind of rudeness. They went next door to our other neighbor’s house too without their permission. It’s not that I’m mad at the kids. I’m more mad at their guardian/parents. They could have told them to keep off of other people’s lawn. It’s not a public park people! Also, if they got hurt, we could be liable even though we didn’t do anything wrong.

This reminds me of the time a couple of kids walked across our neighborhood’s lawns like it was nothing. Bikes leave tracks in the grass. The sidewalk is there for a reason guys. Use it! My husband and I are house hunting. I’ll keep this unpleasant sighting in mind. There will be a “No Trespassing Sign” or a fence. Private property means PRIVATE PROPERTY!

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