10 Reasons why Jim Halpert is NOT the perfect man

I saw this post (Jim Halpert is the perfect man) a while back and I thought it would be fun to make a response post to it. So here goes:

1. He’s lazy

He doesn’t go up for any promotion. He doesn’t try very hard because he thinks he is better than his job. He thinks he can do better but doesn’t. He only started trying when he was with Pam. I don’t even know why Pam fell in love with him when he didn’t have any ambition before they started dating. Lazy people at work just tick me off.

2. He’s a bully

He keeps playing pranks on Dwight and never gets in trouble for it. He calls them office pranks but he only goes after one person in the office. He complained about Pam planning her wedding to Toby. When Andy starts working there he messes with him too which leads Andy to lose his marbles.


3. He runs away from his problems

He went to Stanford because Pam turned him down. Even when he found out that she was single again, he didn’t want to face her. He ended up dating Karen. Later on, every time Karen brings up Pam, Jim jokes around like it’s not a problem.

4. He only thinks about what he wants

He took the job in Philly without telling Pam. He should have considered her feelings and how this would change her life. He never thought about how hard it would be for her to have him away from her and to have her give up their life in Scranton. He bought his parent’s house without telling Pam. He was thinking about his own reasons for wanting to live in his childhood home. These are the things that should be discussed with your spouse.

5. He doesn’t treat women very well

He left Karen in New York instead of breaking up with her in person. He invited Katy to come with him onto the cruise but then treated her badly when he found out that Pam had set a date for her wedding.


6. He was not respectful of Pam’s engagement to Roy

He totally overstepped his boundaries when he kept on flirting with her. I know she probably would have done it anyway but he should have backed off. He made her a grilled cheese sandwich and then called it a date the next day. That’s just not appropriate.


7. He’s boring

He eats the same sandwich for years. He tries to take a trip somewhere but he can’t seem to actually go anywhere. He doesn’t ever dress up for Halloween. He only dressed up when Pam was really upset. Not cool.

8. He’s a slob

When he lived with Darryl he didn’t clean up after himself which was rude. Darryl described him as being a slob and Pam agrees.

9. He is a big baby

He snapped at Pam when she couldn’t record Cece’s recital. When he bit his lip multiple times he took a day off of work. Who takes a day off of work for that? When Dwight finally got his revenge with the snowball war he complained about it. He can’t man up to his mistakes. I don’t think he can even protect Pam. He was acting like a total baby when they saw all those snowmen outside their office building.

10. He is arrogant.

No matter how much trouble he is having with being an office co-manager, he doesn’t ask Michael for help. He thinks that he can do such a great job being manager alone. Remember when he forgot Kelly’s birthday? He also tried to combine birthdays because he thought it was such a smart idea even though it was terrible. He thinks that he is above help. He even let Michael fall into the Koi pond because he didn’t want Michael there with him.


Don’t get me wrong. I still like the show and I was totally rooting for Jim and Pam to get together. But when I remembered that list that someone made about how perfect Jim was, I just had to refute it.

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