Review: The Crown

This is another one of those Netflix original shows. We love looking for new shows to watch. I was thinking that this show might be as disgusting as that Royals show, but it is surprisingly PG-13.  The show is about Queen Elizabeth II the trials and tribulations of the crown.


I don’t really read up on the goings on of the British monarchy so I have no idea what they actually do. I just know that the Prime Minister pretty much does everything and the royal family is the face of the country. Not sure how entirely honest the episodes are but the show lets us into the lives of the royal family. It’s stressful and full of political influences. There’s a lot of drama and intrigue. I knew that life in the palace was hard but seeing it made me feel for them. You basically have no freedom to do whatever you want, you can’t just marry anyone you want and you can’t have an opinion about anything. It’s a tough life and I really don’t envy that lifestyle.

We haven’t reached very far in the show but from what I have gathered from seeing 9 episodes, Queen Elizabeth II and her marriage to Prince Philip was a rocky one. He could never get used to life as a husband who had to be the Queen’s shadow. Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, was very troubled because of her affair with her then fiance, Peter Townsend. Her affair with him devastated her family so they banished him in order to keep them away from each other. In the show they had told her that they would only keep them apart for 1 year and then they could marry, but at the end of 1 year, they added another year onto that.


Of course, as a show there are several things that aren’t true. One example is Queen Elizabeth’s education. They had shown her as no very cultured and not knowing much about that world around her. In real life she actually did know quite a bit. She also spoke French.

If you guys haven’t seen this show, it is worth a look. It’s very interesting if you want to know more about the royal family. It’s a fantastic period  drama.

Audience: MA
Satisfaction Factor: 10
Acting: 9
Story: 9
Direction: 10
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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