Due date nearing

I’m at the point where I’m going to the OB weekly now. I’m at 38 weeks and going to be 39 on Thursday. I’m super anxious and excited at the same time about the birthing process. There are a million things running through my mind. The baby, the wedding, what videos I’m going to post on YouTube, what am I going to blog about and just a bunch of random little things. I’m a worrier so it doesn’t take much to make me crazy about something. I’m just hoping and praying that this baby is going to be ok. I freak out every time I’m walking and a puff of smoke is on my face. All I’m thinking is that the smoke I just inhaled may have messed with the baby’s brain. Then it gets me irritated and I rant about how they’re polluting our air and this and that. And all this time my fiance is listening, patiently listening to me. He’s so wonderful and so very supportive and I feel bad because I’m this crazy mess of a person who is worrying about every little thing. I’m actually getting teary writing this because of all the support he has shown me and not pressuring me to be anything other than to be myself.

So, every time I feel contractions or what I think are contractions I’m starting to time them. Most of the time it’s just gas that’s causing the feeling of cramps (which is what my OB says they feel like…period cramps). At the OB I meet with various people so I get to meet the team of medical professionals who are going to be helping me give birth to this baby. I’ve met with two doctors, a Nurse Practitioner and a Midwife. The Midwife was the one who told me that she thinks that the baby was about 6.5 pounds at roughly 35/36 weeks. I don’t remember exactly when she told me that but she just tried to measure the baby and she said she was about 6.5 pounds at the time. This makes us think that the baby will be about 7-7.5 pounds at birth. That’s probably why my hips have loosened up quite a bit and I have trouble sleeping every night now. I wake up about 2 to 3 times a night and it’s a bit of a struggle to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and in the morning. I feel pain in my hips when I walk and when I change positions when laying down.

So I’ve been hearing and have learned that women get this urge or tendency to clean and organize the house when the baby is about to come out. I haven’t had that feeling yet so I guess the baby isn’t ready. Not sure if every woman feels this but I’m waiting for that weird feeling to come over me. I’m also trying to go out as much as I can even though my mom tells me I have to rest. I just also want to be able to go on as many dates with my fiance before the baby comes. I know how busy everything gets which makes dates scarce to come by.

I really don’t know what I was trying say in this post. It was pretty much an amalgamation of the thoughts I’ve been having this past month or so. I think I might have gotten carried away, lol. Feel free to respond in the comments below 🙂

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