My pregnancy summary

First trimester:

I definitely felt a lot more headaches and more of the cramps you feel in your lower abdomen. You know that feeling you have when you have your period? That’s what I felt. The headaches were really bad but I didn’t take anything for them. Many times they lasted the whole day. I started to feel more nauseated and car sick in the car. I was already more prone to car sickness before pregnancy but pregnancy definitely made this worse. I would get winded more often because I stopped working out (I really don’t recommend not working out. I used the exercise bike now and then but nothing really major.). My allergies seemed worse too. That’s the thing about pregnancy. All your hormones are pretty much making you crazy. I didn’t have trouble sleeping yet. I just felt my clothes feeling tighter. I had also gained a little bit of weight before pregnancy so when I did start getting a little bigger, I needed to get a bella band. Since this is my first pregnancy, I started showing at 12 weeks.

12 Weeks

Second trimester:

This is where the headaches pretty much stopped. I still felt sick in the car but not as bad. I felt my best in this trimester. My back started aching though. It was my lower back that was hurting a bit because my belly was growing. From the middle to the end of this trimester I felt more swelling in my hands and feet. I felt that my ring wouldn’t fit as well. On some days I could still wear them but not on others. This is when I felt the baby move for the first time when I was 24 weeks. The baby moved more during this trimester.

14 Weeks (2)

Third trimester:

It was more difficult to breath, especially when I was laying down. It took a couple of minutes to adjust before I could breath properly. My lower back ached more. I really couldn’t wear any of my rings and my shoes were so much tighter. I had trouble putting my Uggs on during the winter. The baby doesn’t move as much because there’s not much room left. I can just feel the baby shifting and changing positions. I can feel a kick or two but since the baby is getting bigger, there is less room to move around. Moving around is more painful because my joints a loosening more. Changing positions in bed is getting harder and more painful. My left ear is plugged up due to the excess my body is retaining due to the pregnancy.

Week 28

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