Love, Marriage and Happiness

I know I don’t have much experience with marriage (only being married for about 1.5 years) but I do have experience with love and the happiness that eludes some of us. So I found this article on Facebook that Story of This Life had shared. It was an article called, “Marriage Isn’t About Your Happiness” by Debra K Fileta. I had to read this multiple times to really get a feel of this article. The first time I read it, it just didn’t sit well with me. Overall, the article just had a negative vibe and it starts in the title. I don’t believe that marriage isn’t about the happiness of one individual.

Growing up, I admit that marriage never had a negative connotation for me because I grew up in a nuclear family unit. I never saw the downs of marriage unless it was in films or television shows. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand how hard marriage can be. It takes sacrifice and the giving of yourself to the other person. I do agree with Fileta on that point. But she makes it sound like it’s a burden to give yourself to someone.

Making the other person happy makes you happy. And when she says that we are brought up in a way that makes us only think of ourselves, then should we all marry just to make the other person happy? What about our happiness? When we aren’t happy, doesn’t that affect the marriage? I’m sorry, but I really don’t agree with what she is saying. You don’t have to sacrifice your own happiness for marriage. What do you guys think?


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