Baby movement and heartbeat

Hearing baby’s heartbeat:
Ever since I became pregnant it’s been hard to tell if the baby is ok or not. I decided to get a fetal doppler from a site called ClinicalGuard. I got the Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler because it got better reviews online. I heard that I shouldn’t get the Jumper AngelSounds brand because it’s not as good as Sonoline. I myself have only tried one brand and I’m pretty happy with it. The only thing is that I have to put the volume all the way up to hear the baby well. It’s at a pretty good volume on high. I recorded the audio from my doppler and you guys can hear it here.




Just as a precaution though, don’t worry if you don’t hear the baby at first. Babies like to move around and later on you figure out where your baby is laying. Mine was on the left at first and then moved on to the right side. Now the baby is just moving around everywhere. I usually have more luck trying on the lower part of my abdomen first then moving left or right depending on where I first started. Baby likes to travel. It also depends on what you’ve eaten that day. Baby is more active when you eat sugary things. I usually try to check everyday. It’s comforting to hear the baby. Also, if you haven’t been doing so already, try to keep track of when baby is moving. You can also write this down on a journal. This is to make sure that baby is ok. If movements tend to be less or stop, you should call the doctor. Here is more information on baby movements: Baby’s Movements.

Feeling and seeing the baby move:
They usually tell you that with your first baby you feel the baby move between week 16 and 25. This is called quickening. You feel it a lot earlier with the next baby. I first felt some sort of movement on 1/24/16 which is week 24. My fiance was with me and we both felt the baby kick. That was pretty exciting. The baby was kicking before that and I felt it in my lower abdomen. When I had my first sonogram the technician told me that I had an anterior placenta which means that the placenta is in front of the baby. So that’s why it took me so long to feel the baby move. She must be punching/kicking pretty forcefully because I see her moving now. I recorded some of her movements and I will post some here for you guys to see. They’re just short clips.

In this video there is rolling motion as the baby moves across my belly:

The baby kicks near the end of the video on the left side of my abdomen:

Baby kicks near the end of the video on the right side of my abdomen:

At first I thought that I might have had gas or something because the movements were so small that I couldn’t tell if it was the baby or not. But now that I’m 26 weeks I’m definitely sure that it’s the baby. I feel more movement usually mid-morning and at night. Other movements are scattered throughout the day. When I have something sugary to drink I feel the movements more often. I am more relieved now that I feel the baby move because I can tell if everything is ok. They say to call the doctor when movements aren’t occurring as they usually do. You want to make sure that the baby is doing well. I’m just afraid that all that moving around will cause the cord to wrap around her neck.  I did some research on the matter and found out that the baby cannot be strangled by the cord because they do not breath through their nose or mouth while inside the uterus. Babies get their oxygen through their umbilical cord. Here are two articles that explain this: Prenatal Yoga Center, Nuchal Cord.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your idea with us ,Really fetal doppler helps me a lot .When I was expected a baby ,it feels awesome when you hear baby heartbeat before birth.Nothing is more special than this.


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