Review: Yong Pal

Now that I’ve finished the show I can tell you guys more about what happened. There will be spoilers so beware! Here is my first thoughts of Yong Pal: First Thoughts. To watch the show, click here: Yong Pal.

As I have mentioned before Yong Pal is a third year resident at a hospital. He is also making house calls on the side to make some extra cash for his sister who needs dialysis treatments in the hospital.

Episode 2:
The last episode left us with Yong Pal jumping into the river to save their lives. Yong Pal is so desperate to not get caught and to keep his side job that he can’t let the gangster die. He also can’t risk getting caught because then his sister won’t be able to get the treatment she really needs. He is always torn between doing the right thing and doing what he needs to do to take care of his family. What he doesn’t know is that the cop who has been searching for him, Detective Lee, found a scalpel he had dropped during the surgery.This would be trouble in later episodes as he traces the scalpel back to the hospital and asks his superior, Chief Lee, about it. Chief Lee covers for him and we find out why at the end of the episode.


In this episode we find out how corrupt this hospital is. I’m not sure if this is how it is in other hospitals in Korea but in this one, if don’t have money, you don’t get treated. It’s pretty appalling how many lives are lost because of what they believe in. Only the rich people, who are called “clients” instead of “patients” get the proper treatment and are sent to the 12th floor. The 12th floor is where all the elite clients stay and everything there looks like they are living in a 5 star hotel. Near the end of the episode we see how this way of thinking affects Yong Pal’s family. Yong Pal’s mother had gotten in to a horrible car accident and the attending doctor didn’t want to treat her because she didn’t have money. He was about to pronounce her DOA (dead on arrival), but decided to take her in because someone had mentioned that her son is a doctor in that hospital. This made me very angry. I just don’t understand how people can be so unfeeling. When she finally got on the table she her surgeon refused because there was a VIP that needed surgery. I can’t even imagine how Yong Pal must have felt. He just stood there, desperate but so very powerless.


At the end of the episode, Yeo Jin wakes up and tries to kill herself. Her nurse, Nurse Hwang, (who I think is mentally deranged. she grooms Yeo Jin like she’s a doll. she talks to her in such a creepy voice.) finds her. Yong Pal also get’s found out by Chief Lee. I didn’t think that he would be found until much later. In many other stories, people don’t really find out until we are at least halfway into the show. Yong Pal gets a meeting with the hospital Director Byung who tells him that he can’t be in the OR anymore.

Yong Pal does one last surgery at the hospital for a patient he thinks won’t make it. This patient doesn’t have money and doesn’t have a guardian so he isn’t getting the treatment he needs. Yong Pal and the patient’s nurse perform his surgery. Meanwhile, Yeo Jin is taken into the OR room next to them. Yong Pal the nurse stay quiet and turn off the lights. He sees Yeo Jin try to take her life again and he stops her from doing it. This is the first time their eyes meet.

Episode 3:
Yong Pal is introduced to the 12th floor where he gets his own office. He is also introduced to Cynthia who is some sort of office administrator. In this episode we also see Yeo Jin’s brother, Do Joon, talking about getting Yeo Jin to give them approval for something. We meet his wife, Chae Young, who at first seems very flighty and dim-witted but she is actually working to save Yeo Jin’s life (this is true now, but she could be tricking us).


Later we see Yeo Jin in her comatose state. She feels trapped in her body because she cannot move due to the drugs they have given her. I think it is really creative how they portrayed her reality. She is trapped in what seems like a well. There are glass walls all around her that have images of clouds. As a coma patient she can hear everything going on around her (coma patients can hear when you speak near them. as I have learned as a nurse, they are very much alive in there.).

Yong Pal is called for a house call by Chief Lee. This particular client can’t risk news getting out to the media so they can’t go to the hospital. When he arrives at the scene he finds out that the client is an actor who has assaulted and stabbed a woman. He decides to treat the woman despite Cynthia’s objections. After the surgery Cynthia applaud’s Yong Pal’s courage and she tells him that if he wants to go the “princess” room (Yeo Jin) then all he has to do is ask the director. Cynthia then tells Yong Pal about the secret past of Yeo Jin. Yeo Jin was once in love with a boy. Seems quite harmless but Yeo Jin is an heiress and she is in love with a boy from a rival family. She sneaks out with him after a party where they were about to elope. Her brother sends his men to go after her. They end up in a car accident and her fiance dies.


Being curious and stupid, Yong Pal asks the director if he could see Yeo Jin. He approves and he goes to see her. He introduces himself to her and to his surprise notices that it is the same girl who had tried to kill herself earlier. Yeo Jin, in her own world, hears his voice and a light shines upon her…like that of a savior.

Episode 4:
More into the story of Yeo Jin. If you’re confused as to why she is the heir and not her brother, it’s because her mother was the last heir and her brother is a step-brother. Yong Pal meets Nurse Hwang who later tells him that she is his superior even though she is a nurse (this is different as it is her in America, because here nurses and doctors work together. one is not under the other.). Young Pal then gets a call and finds out that his sister has been bumped up on the list to get a liver transplant. He has the director to thank for that.

He meets Chae Young for the first time and they talk for a little while until he gets a call from his sister. His sister informs him that their father came home. Yong Pal is angered by this and goes out to drink. Chae Young sees him there and drinks with him. She then walks him back to his place after. Pictures were taken to and sent to Director Min.


The next day, Yong Pal goes to meet his first patient who is that girl who was assaulted by the actor. the actor, of course, is fine but she is not. The girl is obviously traumatized and might even be experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Yong Pal suggest for her to get a psychiatric evaluation but Chief Lee suggested against it. That’s the trouble with some people. They think that getting help for something like that is a bad thing. She didn’t the right help and she ended up causing trouble for the entire hospital.


The gangster, Doo Chul, that he rescued earlier in episode 2, comes to the hospital to see where Yong Pal works. He seems to be quite taken by him and I have a feeling that Doo Chul and his men will be of help to Yong Pal in future episodes. After this, Chae Young comes to talk to Yong Pal about helping her get an audience with Yeo Jin. She tells him that she only wants whats best for her and she wants to help her. Yong Pal isn’t sure he can and he doesn’t know what is going on yet. What if she is there is harm Yeo Jin. While they are talking, they are interrupted by Cynthia and she tells them that there is an emergency and they all need to evacuate immediately.

So remember how the girl didn’t get seen by a psych doctor? She finds her way to the basement and she locks herself with the particle accelerator. If this overheats, radiation with be released from it and everyone in the hospital will be harmed. Yong Pal is asked to help with taking Yeo Jin out of the hospital. Cynthia informs him that Yeo Jin and Chae Young are the first to leave the hospital. If they haven’t left yet, no one can leave (which is so ridiculous. they’re not even sick. i mean…come one. geez. talk about being entitled to life before everyone else.). He goes to help Yeo Jin and Nurse Hwang shows up. She quickly gets her ready and tells him not to unhook her from her IV solution (because this is what is keeping her unconscious). While getting ready to leave the hospital, Nurse Hwang doesn’t notice that the IV tubing is pinched, so Yeo Jin isn’t getting the drug any longer. When they get down to the garage, Yong Pal takes one of the guard’s guns and demands to be told what is going on (he wants to make sure because his sister is still in the building getting her treatment). When he finds out he is torn between going to his sister and going to the particle accelerator.

Looking around the room he sees all these patients and their families. They have no idea what is going on. If he goes to his sister and saves her, all of these people will be affected with the radiation. One thing though, I am always amazed at how long the character waits before taking action. Something could have happened in that short span of time. So he goes to the particle accelerator to see if he can save everyone (talk about hero complex. I think I would probably save my sister first and then see if I can do something about it. But that’s just me.) He ends up stopping the girl from doing anything further and no one gets seriously hurt. But in that time, Yong Pal convinces the girl not to do anything by telling her a story about his sister. It turns out that his sister had a previous transplant that her body rejected. So now she is on the list for a new one. Talk about bad luck. I feel sorry for her. She even said at one point that she wouldn’t feel so bad dying just because her brother has been supporting and taking care of her this entire time. It’s so very sad. She’s all he has left. I hope she doesn’t die.


Back in room with Yeo Jin, she overhears him talking about money that she needs. She then says her first words to him, “Should I give you that money?” This whole thing is like Sleeping Beauty without the kiss that awakes her.

Episode 5:
Here he finds out that his sister’s kidneys are failing. She also doesn’t respond well to immunosuppressive drugs. So that means that she can’t get another transplant because her body will reject it again. Immunosuppressive drugs prevent your body from attacking alien cells. The transplant cells are not her own cells so the body has a natural reaction to attack them. The doctor tells Yong Pal that she only has about 1-2 months left to live if she stays on dialysis.


Earlier he had asked Cynthia to help him with his sister’s case without telling her that it was for his sister. Cynthia gets an email from America saying that they have the ability to cure his sister. He hugs her and she is wondering how much the patient means to him and who he/she is. He doesn’t tell her. He instead asks her how much the treatment is. It’s about 2 billion Won which is approximately $1.7 million. That’s a lot of money!! But then again, what do you expect from cutting edge treatment. It costs so much to save a life.

Later we see Do Joon talking to Director Min. Director Min tells him that board members from their company filed a court order to see Yeo Jin. He gets very upset and tells Director Min to kill Yeo Jin. He tells Director Min to resolve the court order issue or he will kill him and Yeo Jin.

Yong Pal is seen thinking about how he’s going to earn the money to save his sister. If went back to doing house calls it still wouldn’t have been enough. He decides to take Yeo Jin on her offer. He turns off her IV drip and Nurse Hwang gets a message on her phone that something has happened. Yong Pal quickly turns off the alarm but it’s too late because Nurse Hwang decides to check up on Yeo Jin anyway (which is what a good nurse would do. it’s too bad she is crazy). When she hears from the other nurses that Yong Pal is in there, she hurries towards the room. Yeo Jin starts convulsing and her stats are going crazy on the screen. Yong Pal doesn’t know what to do at this point. He grabs her and screams at her to wake up. A little spat happens between Yong Pal and Nurse Hwang. After that, Yeo Jin makes a phone call to her Swiss bank account and transfers $2 million to his account. The catch is that he has to get her out of there before she gives him the pass-code to retrieve the money.

This is where you see Nurse Hwang in her true form. She slaps Yeo Jin and says, “You flirted with him didn’t you?” WOAH! Talk about going off the deep end. Then she asks her if she’s alright. Man, Chief Lee was right when he said that she was dangerous. She can snap any minute (literally). Kinda seems like Nurse Hwang is a psychopath. At this point, Yeo Jin is actually awake and just pretending to be in a coma (Young Pal reduced her dose to half. Nurse Hwang should actually be checking this every time she goes into the room. Everything Nurse Hwang does actually makes me question her credibility as a nurse. Maybe her crazy tendencies have gotten in the way of her actually nursing skills). She’s a trooper. She didn’t even flinch when she was slapped.

Chae Young urges the board members to stop with the court order. But the President (President Go) is still resistant to that idea. Chae Young threatens him and leaves the room. We see her talking in the car with her dad and she says that they can use Yeo Jin like Do Joon is using her. Her dad doesn’t really like that idea because Yeo Jin is a human being. She’s not an object. So far, everyone has been using her. I really feel sorry for Yeo Jin. President Go gets one of his goons to watch Chae Young and tells him that she is the first target.


Meanwhile, Nurse Hwang is driven insane by her phone alarm that keeps going off. I have a feeling that Yeo Jin planned this whole thing because Nurse Hwang is taken off night duty for a while. Yong Pal replaces her. Yong Pal and Yeo Jin talk and they seem to be getting along well. Nurse Hwang comes back to the building because she doesn’t know what to do with herself when she’s not watching Yeo Jin. She sees them talking to each other but doesn’t go in.

Episode 6:
The episode begins with a death. An employee of the Hanshin electric group commits suicide. Yong Pal and Cynthia are driving towards the scene. He tends to the girl who survived the fall and sends her to the hospital (after performing surgery on a hemothorax….so common in movies). He is approached by President Go who asks him to aid him in his dreams which he doesn’t really tell him what he has to do yet. Cynthia urges him to play along because his sister needs the treatment in America.


Director Byung orders Chief Lee to kill Yeo Jin and make it look like an attempted suicide so that the board members will not be able to meet with her. Since the court order isn’t going to be stopped, Director Byung thinks this is the only way. Chief Lee is reluctant, but what is he going to do. He is too far into this whole mess. I feel sorry for him. He even tries to push this task onto Yong Pal but Director Byung said this is such a delicate matter that he can’t do it.

Nurse Hwang installs a camera in Yeo Jin’s room so she can see what is going on when she isn’t there. President Go’s goons enter the hospital and Yong Pal notices that they have Chae Young’s picture. Doo Chul’s second in command warns Doo Chul about these men and that he thinks they will cause trouble. Doo Chul doesn’t believe him but I think we’ll be seeing some sort of altercation in the future.

Meanwhile, Chae Young tells Yong Pal that Yeo Jin is going to be killed and she tells him that she is the only one who wants to save Yeo Jin. He doesn’t know who to believe. He just wants her to be safe. Chae Young tells him that if he helps her that his life will change but only if he helps her. She tells him to steal Nurse Hwang’s keys and meet him in the basement.


So remember how Nurse Hwang placed a camera in Yeo Jin’s room? Director Byung and Chief Lee go in there and Nurse Hwang overhears the plan to kill Yeo Jin (with Yeo Jin dying on the operating table. they were going to make it seem like she tried to kill herself again). Nurse Hwang freaks out and she steals a scalpel and stabs Director Byung with it. Nurse Hwang gets taken away and she drops her keys. Yong Pal approaches Cynthia and asks her for help. He asks her to contact President Go and tell him to stop the court order but President Go doesn’t want to. Instead President Go has a plan to save Yeo Jin from her fate at the hospital. His elaborate plan includes Yeo Jin being taken away by helicopter. Yong Pal tells Yeo Jin all of this and asks her if she trusts President Go. It is obvious that he doesn’t.

Their plan to evacuate is foiled when Chief Lee decides to take things into his own hands and goes ahead with President Go’s plan anyway. This is when the huge fight happens on the 12th floor. One of the gangsters (friends with Cynthia) goes to their aid. Yong Pal ends up getting shot and Cynthia decides to help out by beating up some guys and firing a gun. Doo Chul helps out and they were able to escape. They make it to the elevator before they get caught.


Then we find out the Chief Lee switched the bodies. He takes her to the OR and “attempts” to perform surgery. Earlier, Yong Pal speaks to the head nurse from the other floor and tells her that he will be in the OR instead of Chief Lee so they can fake her death. But since not everything happened like it was suppose to happen, Chief Lee ended up in the OR. The head nurse seemed worried because Yong Pal didn’t show up. She ended up following through their plan. Meanwhile, Yong Pal and the others are in the basement with Do Joon and his men. Yong Pal was about to give Do Joon his sister and Cynthia holds a gun to his head (all along she thought that he was on her side. now she doesn’t know what to think). He gets a call and hears that his sister is dead. He starts to laugh and Yong Pal checks on the body. He sees that it’s not Yeo Jin but a dummy. He looks in horror and now thinks that Yeo Jin really is dead.

Episode 7:
Yong Pal passes out and Do Joon tells one of his men to take him inside. Yong Pal says that he can do this himself. He goes to the supply room and tries to remedy his bleeding problem before going to help Yeo Jin. This makes sense since he can’t really help her while he is bleeding to death. He injects himself with something…not really sure what this is. Then he uses epinephrine to help slow the bleeding from his gunshot wound. He gowns up and goes on to save Yeo Jin.


This is where I really felt like crying because he is really desperate to save Yeo Jin because of his sister. There are so many things going through his mind right now and what is he going to do if he fails. He has no way of saving his sister if Yeo Jin dies. But at the same time he has a connection with Yeo Jin and he wants to save her too. It’s such an emotional scene. Then he starts to think of his mother, who he couldn’t save. He’s just under a lot of stress right now. And when he couldn’t go on any longer he passes out and Yeo Jin comes back to life. In the other operating room, the suicide patient flatlines. The staff in the operating room calls one of the other surgeons to save Yong Pal.

President Go tries to convince Do Joon to join forces with him. He tells Do Joon that since Yeo Jin’s death, their company stocks will drop and he would have failed. Do Joon is furious when he hears about this.

One of the nurses tells Yeo Jin that her identity has changed to protect her. Meanwhile in the morgue the head of security tells the head nurse to keep quiet about the situation with Yeo Jin or she’ll end up dead herself. He said that the anesthesiologist and the doctor were told that Yeo Jin didn’t die. I guess Do Joon wants to keep her death a secret until they pronounce her dead at a different time.

So there is this incompetent nurse who hasn’t been fired yet. I’m not really sure what she is doing in this line of work if she doesn’t really know what she is doing. She doesn’t wear gloves, waves around uncapped needles like nothing is wrong and she reinserts dirty needles. She also gave the wrong drug to a patient. Omg, someone please fire her or just kill her off in the show already. She is a danger to everyone.


In the ICU, we see Yong Pal recovering next to Yeo Jin. Aww, how sweet. I hope they recover soon and leave because They’ve had enough of this shit-storm. Chae Young orders the doctors to treat Yong Pal. I think she is getting close to him and maybe even likes him at this point. Later at the end Yong Pal takes Yeo Jin up to the roof. This is the first time in 3 years she has had contact with the outside. Cynthia comes up to the room and she tells Yong Pall that she is going to America to study medicine again. She tells him that she wants coffee which he gets for her. Cynthia talks to Yeo Jin and tells her that if she wants to continue hiding, Yong Pal is the right man for her. She also tells her that Yong Pal lost a lot of money just to save Yeo Jin. Yeo Jin is surprised that she knew who she was. Cynthia then leaves her there. Yong Pal returns and asks Yeo Jin what is the matter. Yeo Jin says, “What did I do?”

Episode 8:
The detective visited that hospital again and is looking for the gang members that are being treated there. The head nurse tells him that she hasn’t seen them before but one of the doctors who doesn’t like Yong Pal decides to talk to the detective. The doctor has an idea of who it is but doesn’t tell the detective. I feel like he is going to blackmail him at some point.

Yeo Jin tells Yong Pal that he ruined her plans and that she can’t help but hate him now. She now has no power. Yong Pal is confused and hurt because he was doing what he thought was best for her. He ended up hurting her instead. She wants to be in the game so badly because she wants her revenge. Now that she is taken out because she is suppose to be dead, she can’t do anything. Maybe she can join forces with Chae Young. But at this point everyone is pretty much seen as an enemy. We still have no idea who the good guys are.

Chief Lee and Yong Pal have lunch with Do Joon where he bribes Yong Pal into still working with him by telling that he should send his sister to America for treatment. Chae Young tells Young Pal about Yeo Jin and how she tried to kill herself because her father wouldn’t let her be with her fiance. Her father told the hospital Director to keep Yeo Jin asleep until he dies. She never woke up even after her father died because her brother wanted to keep her that way.

Yong Pal goes to Yeo Jin and puts her to sleep with some sort of medication. He takes her out to the church she and her fiance were suppose to get married at. Since she was so dejected and feeling defeated he wanted to give her closure. He wants her to get back to where she was before. He wants her to become the strong person she was before the accident. I think at this point he has fallen in love with her but he thinks that he hasn’t gotten over her dead fiance yet. So he leaves her in the church and gives her the choice too call the bank (the Switzerland) or President Go. Not really sure what that means. I’m guessing if she calls the bank, that would mean that she wants to be on her own. He then tells her that he doesn’t want to be jealous of a dead person. Yeo Jin then has this shocked look her face because she has no idea that he actually has feelings for her. She goes to the patio on the second floor of the church and she hears that there is a car parked in front of the church and that there is someone in it. She is relieved and she calls him to come to her. Yong Pal is seen in his car with a phone in his hand. He is obviously waiting for her to call him. She calls him and tells him that if he doesn’t make it to her in 30 seconds he won’t ever see her again. Haha, typical princess attitude. He rushes to her yelling her name, “Yeo Jin! Yeo Jin!” She says, “How dare you call me by that name?” They’re so cute and corny. I’m so glad that she is free now. I was starting to get claustrophobic seeing her in that hospital 24/7. The priest at the church lets them stay there while she recuperates.

Meanwhile, Nurse Hwang calls Director Min and she threatens to make things difficult if she doesn’t see Yeo Jin. President Go had tapped the Director Min’s phone so after hearing what the nurse had said, he made a call and had her killed.

nurse hwang

She had this picture with her and Yeo Jin when Yeo Jin was still awake. I mean she looked like she was awake in that picture. I wonder what really happened and if Nurse Hwang was maybe her nanny or something. I wonder what Nurse Hwang really knows. I have a feeling that she knows a lot of their dirty little secrets. I’m starting to think that Nurse Hwang just wanted Yeo Jin to be safe.


At the church there is a flashback of their conversation with each other. They start talking and they finally kiss. Awww 🙂 This is definitely my favorite episode so far. The ending is so cute, not counting Nurse Hwang dying.


Episode 9:
Yong Pal makes Yeo Jin breakfast and he tells her that it’s part of her exercise to feed herself. She needs to regain her strength. Yong Pal and Yeo Jin seem to be enjoying themselves at the church while Chief Lee starts to panic. He approaches Director Byung about his concerns. Director Byung ends up dead so Chief Lee attempts to leave the country.


Also in this episode we find out the real cause of his sister’s illness. When they were young she got sick so he tried to remedy the problem by giving her 2 pills of adult tylenol. Her small body couldn’t take this so her liver failed. He wanted to be rich and powerful when he grew up so that he could help his sister.

hillof the winds

One of the little boys in the village they are staying at asks Yong Pal for help because his mother is sick. He finds out that she is about to give birth. The mother has preeclampsia so she needs to deliver soon. He performs the c-section and since the baby was born too early an incubator is needed. Also, the mother apparently develops an embolism in her lungs. He decides to go back to the hospital so she and the baby can get proper care. He leaves Yeo Jin at the church. Yeo Jin was hesitant at first but if he doesn’t go, the mother and baby will die. Yong Pal promises to come back after he sees his sister go to America for her treatment.

Episode 10:
It starts with Yeo Jin praying in the church for her love to return. This must be very stressful for her because her fiance had died 3 years ago. But now she has God to talk to, so this is giving her strength and hope. I’m glad that she let go of her revenge because she seems much more peaceful now.

Yong Pal gets to the hospital and sees that his father is there. He is there to visit So Hyun on the 12th floor. Yong Pal is confused as to why his sister is there. He asks one of the nurses about his sister. She shows him the his sister is now supported by Hanshin group under their welfare program. The new Director asks Yong Pal to come into his office to talk. He tells Yong Pal that for some reason there were not enough funds in the budget for his sister to go America. He thinks that Do Joon is keeping So Hyun as a hostage since the people who used to work for him are either dead or missing. Yong Pal goes to Do Joon to beg for his sister’s life. Do Joon says that he has become obsolete now that Yeo Jin has died. The more I see of Director Min the more I’m thinking that he doesn’t like what is going on. He doesn’t approve of all the killing. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t have a choice but follow orders. Director Min tells Yong Pal to send his sister to America after Yeo Jin’s fake funeral. No one else knows she is alive yet.

Yong Pal decides to trade his life for his sister’s. He knows that after his sister is sent to America that Do Joon will kill him. He sends a letter to Yeo Jin telling her that he probably won’t be able to come back. He gives this note to the priest and tells him to go back to the church on his own. The head nurse overhears this. I wonder what she’s going to do.

One of the doctors jealous of Yong Pal is thinking about calling the detective and telling him that Yong Pal is the one he has been looking for. He is fed up of Yong Pal being the favorite. But seriously though. What an ass. The detective gets the call and heads over to the airport. Chief lee is there too but he gets stabbed by one of the gangsters. Yong Pal attends to him and the detective notices. Chief Lee is taken to Hanshin Hospital even though it is further than the closest one. I have a feeling that they will keep him prisoner there or kill him like they did with the Director. Yong Pal is arrested after Chief Lee gets into the ambulance. Good thing So Hyun is on the plane now. I hope she will be ok.

The head nurse goes to visit Yeo Jin and tells her that the late Chairman, her father, had saved his last words for her. He told her that he loved her and that he was sorry. He told her to keep these words to herself. Of course, these words he didn’t actually say to Yeo Jin. He was delirious at the time after surgery and he thought that the Head nurse was Yeo Jin. The Head nurse at the time was caring for her father so she relayed these last dying words to Yeo Jin in the church. Yeo Jin is now angry at God for not listening to her prayers. She is not patient enough. God doesn’t answer prayers on our timeline. God does not do our bidding because we want things to happen the way we want to. It’s like the priest said earlier to her during confession. God answers in different ways. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear but it’s what we need. Yeo Jin needed the push to be stronger. She can’t just wait around for things to happen. I hope in time she understands.


The detective is getting annoying at this point. I’m half wishing that Do Joon kills him. He’s just getting in the way at this point. Yong Pal gets let go (of course, probably Do Joon’s doing). He goes to the hospital and the nurse who always goes to him for help brings him to Chief Lee. Apparently no doctor will treat him. Probably because they are afraid that they will be next to be killed. Or they could have just been told not to take him as a patient. Then suddenly, Yeo Jin comes out of one of the private rooms and walks into where they all are. Everyone is shocked. You can tell it’s her because of her eyes and her mouth. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Episode 11:
Yeo Jin is seen by the doctor and she doesn’t speak. She is said to have aphasia and amnesia. The head of security tells Yong Pal to take care of her and not to have her seen by anyone. Once they are alone she hugs him. She’ so cute. I thought she was going to yell at him and get mad.


President Go suggests to Do Joon that he should put out Yeo Jin’s obituary notice and kill everyone else who was involved. That includes Yong Pal. Chae Young hears about this and tells Yong Pal about it. He tells her that he can’t leave right now. He doesn’t tell her why. Chae Young tells him that she can help him but if it’s too late she won’t be able to. As Yong Pal walks Yeo Jin back to her room, Do Joon calls him to be with the board members. They tell him to pronounce Yeo Jin’s death. He tells Yeo Jin that they have to leave quickly because the funeral is going to happen quicker than they anticipated. After that they will find out that Yeo Jin didn’t actually die because the body in the morgue is not hers.


Yeo Jin disguises herself and goes to the press conference where President Go is pronouncing her dead. She texts Director Min and tells him to give her a good funeral. He is shocked to see that and he shows this to the security guy. The security guy thinks that this is a joke and that some one is playing a prank on them. Later during the funeral she texts him again. He decides to go back to the morgue with the head of security to check on the body. He is shocked see that it is not her. The security has no idea. So when he spoke to the head nurse and told her to identify the body, he believed her when she said that it was Yeo Jin. Oh man, is she in trouble. I hope she doesn’t die too.


Do Joon goes to his wife who asks for a divorce. He won’t have it. She said that she doesn’t care if he kills her. He just won’t be able to have her ever. She won’t even have his baby. She tells him that she used to in love with another man but her father forced her to marry Do Joon. She had to abort her baby. Her life is so sad. I feel sorry for her. Director Min gets another text from Yeo Jin. She tells him to bring her passport to the airport or she will be killed by Do Joon too. He tells the head of security that she is surely alive and to block all exits at the airport. He wants to be useful to Do Joon so he is doing what is necessary to stay alive.


Yeo Jin hasn’t told Yong Pal what she is doing. He has no idea that she has already executed her plans for the escape. She texts Chae Young from his phone and tells her that he wants out. Chae Young is on her way to save him. He is shocked. Yeo Jin tells him that she has to finish this fight. She doesn’t want him to get caught up in their BS. She doesn’t want him to die in the crossfire. She then pulls out the big guns and she asks him to marry her. Wow, I totally dind’t see this coming. She wants this to happen so that he can become her heir and legal guardian. This is the only way he can protect her from her brother. She goes to the room where she sat and slept in for 3 years. Her father had said once that that room is for her and that she is the key to the room. That is her throne and she should sit in it like a queen. She unlocks the room and tries to figure out what her father had been trying to tell her this entire time.


As she sits in the chair, the room shows her a video. Her father made the video before he died and wanted to tell her something important. He tells her that since she is seeing this video she must have found the room and therefore is worthy of being the heir of Hanshin group.


Her father spills secrets about her past. He tells her that her dead fiance had been secretly communicating with Do Joon. He had heard about the new business that Hanshin group was doing and he approached her on purpose. He wanted to plant false charges on her so that she would get kicked out of Hanshin group. The reason why her fiance died was because he wanted her and he wanted to work with Do Joon. He wanted both and got too greedy. Her father tells her that her brother ordered them both to be killed. He father also leaves her gift. It is a USB drive that contains all the information on Hanshin group’s slush funds.


Once everyone involved knows she has the USB drive no one can touch her. Then comes a flashback of when the Director Min tells the head of security to order all the guards to go to the hospital. He then got a text telling him to go to her room. He knew she wasn’t actually going to the airport. Once he got into the room he tells her that she is going to trap herself. She tells him to get on his knees.

Episode 12:
Yeo Jin shows the Director Min the USB. Man Shik arrives at the airport to retrieve her passport. The Director Min tells her that if she gives him the USB he will help her. She tells him that he doesn’t need to negotiate. She throws the USB to the ground. I hope that she can trust him. Later we see him give the USB to Do Joon. Not sure if this was planned but it seems as though he had betrayed her. Do Joon now knows that she is alive. He only wants the people who have sworn allegiance to him to attend the funeral. Meanwhile, Yong Pal is at another job, thanks to Man Shik. After the house call, Man Shik tells him that he has to escape because of the cops. President Go’s goon walks in to kill Yong Pal (as ordered by President Go). He stabs Man Shik and Yong Pal runs away. A fight ensues and the cops arrive. The detective distracts the fight and he ends up hurt. Yong Pal stays to help him. He then goes to register their marriage using Yeo Jin’s Passport. He is interrupted by the cops. Seriously man, he just saved the detective’s life. The cops are being so annoying right now. Doo Chul helps Yong Pal out but giving the cops the man who just tried to kill him. They then drive Yong Pal to finish up his registration.


At the funeral, Yeo Jin had invited the important individuals she wanted to be there. She had invited them and made them think that Do Joon invited them. Yeo Jin finally walks in and stands in the front to reveal her true identity. They are all shocked to see that she is actualy alive. She tries to stall because Yong Pal isn’t there yet. She talks to the Commissioner and begs him for protection from her brother. It doesn’t work because he brought out a document proving her incompetence. He tells the Commissioner that she is not of sound mind. He says that he is still her legal guardian. Yong Pal you better get there quick because she’s about to get trapped.


Episode 13:
Yong Pal finally walks in. He is escorted there by the cops. Finally, they’re actually being useful.


Yong Pal announces that he is Yeo Jin’s legal guardian. Chae Young, who has liked him this entire time, is surprised to hear this. But I’m sure she isn’t that surprised. Yeo Jin is smart. Do Joon starts to panic and he threatens to hurt Yong Pal’s sister. He also tells the Commissioner to arrest Yong Pal and Yeo Jin. Do Joon threatens all the powerful people in the room saying that he has a USB that can implicate everyone. He is unraveling which was Yeo Jin’s plan all along. The Prosecutor General approaches Do Joon and tells him that the USB doesn’t implicate the people in the room. He brings in the assemblymen in the Corruption Investigation Committee to come into the room. He also says that there was a text message coming from his phone having to do with black money and people being pressured to come to the funeral. Do Joon’s phone gets confiscated and now we know that his Director Min was to be trusted after all. He didn’t want to be pulled down by Do Joon’s actions. The USB actually carried information about corruption from Hanshin’s previous administration. Do Joon is then arrested and taken away.

Head of security is on the phone and we overhear him saying that So Hyun is VIP arriving in New York and she needs heavy security. I wonder what’s going to happen to her now. I hope she doesn’t die. President Go is about to make a phone call to Do Joon’s lawyer and his phone is confiscated by the cops. He is arrested for being an accomplice to murder. Yeo Jin is then congratulated for her return and she is now the new Chairman/woman.

President Go is questioned but nothing becomes of it because he is refusing to confess. The Prosecutor General tells Do Joon that the USB is a fake. Yong Pal asks Director Min why he has chosen to switch sides. He tells Yong Pal a sort of vague answer but when you dissect it you find out the real reason. He doesn’t want to be without a home. He has become accustomed to his position. He can’t even think of doing anything else but being Director Min. He wants to keep it that way. So he doesn’t really have an allegiance to anyone. He is working for himself. If someone else comes along who is more powerful, he will take advantage or that opportunity. Yong Pal seems to be overwhelmed with everything that has happened. He is suddenly the Chairwoman’s husband and he doesn’t know how to handle all of this yet. It’s hard to process. Living one life and then now he is expected to live another. I have a feeling that this marriage is going to be a tough one, especially when it is a marriage of convenience. I really hope they work this out and that Yeo Jin eases him into her world.


Finally they are reunited. It was a long time coming. He sees her cooking in the kitchen and hugs her. It’s such a happy and calm moment before everything goes crazy again. Sometimes I forget that she can be sweet. She does the mean Chairwoman act so well. (Btw, as I’m watching this, I can’t stand President Go’s laugh. I just want to slap that evil smile off of his face. Geez.)

At the jail, President Go’s lawyer arrives and he brings a note from his son that says, “Father save me.” He asks for a meal, which symbolizes his last meal because he commits suicide at the police station. What I don’t understand is that the police acts really slow when something potential serious is happening. Earlier when Man Shik was laying on the floor dying, the detective interrogated him first then asked someone to call for an ambulance. Dude, that’s the wrong order. He could have died before you told someone to call. It’s frustrating sometimes how incompetent they write these people to be.


Yeo Jin goes to her first meeting with the board. At first she starts it with a joke then she accuses them of not waking her up when she was in a coma. The room goes quiet and the real discussion starts. The Vice Chairman advises her to cover up the past quietly. (What a snake) Then suddenly everyone gets a text message that President Go has died. They all look surpised. Yeo Jin smiles. She asks if someone has died. She then continues by showing them a USB that she has with her. It’s the real USB. The one she gave Do Joon was a fake. She then says, “Should we see who will be the next President Go?” Everyone looks at her with scared looks. Director Min takes her wheelchair out of the room. This symbolizes her complete freedom from her brother’s grasp. She now has full control of her position as Chairwoman.

Episode 14:
Everything has been so different for Yong Pal. When he arrived at the hospital he is greeted by so many people and his mentors bow to him. He is just not used too all of this attention.


At least he had two nurses who treat him as he is. He doesn’t like all the special treatment. He just wants to finish his residency and live a quiet life. And of course, he just wants his sister to be well. He goes to visit Chief Lee who is freaking out because he thinks that Yeo Jin is going to kill him. Yong Pal assures him that is not. Chief Lee still won’t believe him. Then he confesses that he attended to Yeo Jin all those years ago instead of Yong Pal’s mother. Apparently all of the surgeons wanted to be there with her in the emergency room. Ridiculous! They were all lining up for a chance to work on a VVIP. That’s totally not fair. And Yong Pal’s mother is on her death bed in the other OR room with no surgeons. It’s just insane. Chief Lee was ordered to go to Yong Pal’s mother but he refused.


The gangster who was arrested earlier is freed by his men but it’s not what he thinks. They are actually handing him over to Director Min. They bury him alive. Yong Pal goes home to see a line of board members who are ready to grovel at Yeo Jin’s feet. He sees how powerful she is now and how cruel she is to these men. But I mean, they do deserve it.


Chae Young is getting ready for a press conference. She titles the reading material “The Ugly Truth About The Hanshin Group” Director Min is there. I hope he doesn’t kill her. It seems that he is doing Yeo Jin’s dirty work because Yeo Jin cannot do it herself. He is cleaning up all the loose ends that may cause them trouble in the future. Director Min tells her that no one is coming to the press conference and that she should leave the hotel where she is staying. He reminds her that if Do Joon doesn’t exist, neither does she. Yong Pal tells Yeo Jin that she should stop her revenge and not kill Chief Lee. She tells him that she is the Queen of the crocodiles. She cannot show weakness.

Do Joon gets out of jail and Chae Young sees him there. He can’t seem to get ride from anyone. No one was waiting for him. Chae Young calls him and he lies about being there alone. She calls him on it and offers him a ride. A black SUV hits him and a man comes out with a baton and hits him with it. Chae Young runs to his aide and sees that he is bleeding from the back of his head. An ambulance just suddenly appears without anyone making a call. It’s from Hanshin. They drive him away and and Chae Young is left on the street crying. This was the first time she felt sorry for Do Joon. She even called him husband. Since they’re both cast out of Hanshin group they find themselves equals. It’s just sad that it had to come to this for them to reconcile and talk like adults. I have a feeling that Do Joon is going to be imprisoned in the hospital just like Yeo Jin was.


Episode 15:
Yeo Jin calls Yong Pal to try and make up. She gets a busy signal because the Chae Young calls him. Yeo Jin asks the head of security who he is on the phone with and he tells her. Yong Pal runs to Chae Young’s aid. So stupid. You’re married. Doesn’t he know that he is watched by everyone now. Granted, his wife is suppose to trust him but this looks very bad. Even Yeo Jin now thinks the he might be up to something. He’s an idiot. Chae Young begs him to save her husband. Wow, this is not going to turn out well. I feel a fight happening in the future. Their marriage surely isn’t off to a good start. I knew their happiness was too good to be true. And because he is a doctor he can’t just stand by and do nothing. Couldn’t he just have ignored her phone call. Seriously. Way to be the worst husband ever. He should have at least told Yeo Jin first before running of by himself. Jerk.


Do Joon has now been placed in the room Yeo Jin was trapped in. Good, he deserves it. I don’t know why Yong Pal feels bad about that. Let her have her little revenge. If he’s not careful he’ll push her away. In a press conference, Yeo Jin accepts both the CEO and the Chairwoman positions. Yong Pal arrives late and gives her a small smile as congratulations. He then tells her in private that the 12th floor of the hospital as a whole, is a crime scene. So many things happened there that gets hidden. He also tells her that Chief Lee is the reason she is alive right now. Yong Pal is trying to convince her to stop her revenge. She’s using Chief Lee as a pawn just like her brother did. He reminds her that she used to want to destroy that prison she was in. Now, she’s using it as a prison for her brother. She is slowly turning in to him.

But let’s back up for a second and think about Yeo Jin’s situation. She should have been considered a victim of a traumatic event. She turned out that way due to her circumstances. Her brother wasn’t even placed in a situation like that and he’s just as bad. Yeo Jin deserves to be heard and not ridiculed at this point. She needs a therapist. I think he should have talked to her about her revenge even before it began. He’s had experience with trauma victims before, he should have seen this coming.

Director Min and the head of security go into Do Joon’s room to talk. We hear that Director Min really wants Do Joon to die sooner and not in 3 years like Yeo Jin had planned. If Do Joon ever wakes up, Director Min’s life might be in danger. He tells he head of security that they might be able to use someone else hands to kill Do Joon. It’s Chief Lee, I’m thinking. Poor Chief Lee.


Yong Pal hears that Yeo Jin has a party for her appointment as Chairwoman and CEO. He doesn’t want to go because it will be awkward since he doesn’t know anyone. I feel as if Yeo Jin has successfully pushed him away at this point. He won’t even go to support her. I don’t think he loves her anymore. The old him would have gone no matter what. But then again, Yeo Jin has made it hard for him to get close to her. He ends up going and inviting the ones close to him. Chairman Choi from Daejung group ends up going as well. He hugs her and tells her that they have a bit to talk about. She looks a little worried. He tells her that he will give her back the company that he built with her secret if she gives him back his son. He also wants Do Joon because he was responsible for his son’s death. Yeo Jin says no. He then says that if she won’t hand him over, they’ll have war between the two groups. He tells her that since Do Joon had taken over, business had gone bad. She then tells him that she has her father’s secret account book and that she wants to kill Do Joon herself. He then says that he wants a piece of Do Joon so he can gnaw on it. Gross. He gets up to leave but then says that he wants to obituary in 3 days. Convenient that it’s 3…because it used to be 3 years. Now it’s 3 days or there will be war.

Episode 16:
Yeo Jin decides to go to war and finish this in 3 days before the deadline that Chairman Choi gave her. She starts slowly buying stocks form Daejung group and this alerts Chairman Choi. He starts to bid higher and higher until they spend 2 trillion won. This was Yeo Jin’s plan all along. She also calls out Director Min for working with Chairman Choi’s second in command. She also knows the Yong Pal had taken Do Joon and plans on saving his life. It’s too late though because Do Joon ends up getting run over and stabbed at the airport. Chae Young is devastated.


Yeo Jin admits to Yong Pal that she used him as pawn in her plans to get rid of Do Joon. Yong Pal tells her that he regrets saving her from the 12th floor. So many unnecessary deaths. So much revenge. She’s unstoppable. Yong Pal tells her that he wants to leave her up at the 13th floor. When she is ready to come down to the 1st floor, he’ll be waiting for her. He leaves and Yeo Jin sends his bodyguard after him to watch him.


At the end of the episode we see Chae Young cremating her husband’s body. This is probably not the last we will see of her. It’s sad that only now does she feel something for her husband. She was so cruel to him when he was alive. I think she feel guilty because she knows what he has been through.

Episode 17:
So in this episode, 6 months have passed and Yong Pal now has his own practice in a small town. He didn’t finish his residency so he couldn’t specialize in anything. I guess this means that he can’t be hired in a hospital. But he is doing good in this small clinic he is running. At least now this small town will get good care.


Yeo Jin is still the chairwoman but she isn’t as powerful as she was when Yong Pal was still living at the house. I think she needed him to be powerful. She needed his support. Now that she is on her own, she can’t think as clearly and doesn’t foresee things as she did before. Chae Young has planned her revenge and has been poisoning her water.


Yeo Jin goes to the hospital because she hasn’t been feeling well. They tell her that there is nothing wrong with her. They lie about it so that she won’t get the treatment she needs. She goes to Yong Pal because she wants to see him. He tells her that she doesn’t look well. Ok, so when you have liver damage, you typically have yellow eyes due to jaundice. So why aren’t her eyes and skin jaundiced? I guess they didn’t think of that.

She tells him the she is fine and that she went to get checked out already and nothing was wrong with her CT scan. So wait a second. She got a scan at a hospital she doesn’t trust and yet she trusts their results. I don’t get it. She should have gotten a second opinion.

Episode 18:
Director Min disbands the war room group Yeo Jin built because they are no longer needed. One of the hackers from the war room she created 6 months ago is suspicious because they can no longer log into their accounts. He hacks into the system and looks to see what they are trying to hide. He finds out that they are hiding a CT scan. He takes this to Yong Pal to look at. Yong Pal tells him that the person who’s CT scan this is has stage 2 liver cancer. He tells Yong Pal that this is Yeo Jin’s CT scan.


Yong Pal calls Chae Young and tells her that he thinks there is something wrong wtih Yeo Jin. She asks him why he thinks that and he said that when he saw her the night before she didn’t look well (he lies so that the guy who gave him the scan doesn’t get in trouble). She says that she will go and check up on Yeo Jin. He tells her to relay a message about the 13th floor and that Yeo Jin doesn’t have come down from there to meet him on the 1st floor. Since Chae Young didn’t really talk to Yeo Jin and doesn’t really care, she relayed the wrong message. Yong Pal now knows that Chae Young isn’t on their side at all. She has been lying this entire time.


With the help of the head of the household, he goes to Yeo Jin and gets her out. Earlier the head of the household finds out that there is something wrong with the water so she tells Yeo Jin not to drink it. He had her moved to the guest house so that it would be easier to get to her.

Near the end Yeo Jin is sent to the hospital to get her ready for surgery. It was difficult for them to find someone to do her surgery because she had previous abdominal surgery that makes it hard to perform. The doctors they called all backed out. Yeo Jin wants him to bring her to the Hill of the winds one last time. Yong Pal gives her the ring there. Chief Lee calls Yong Pal and tells him to come back immediately because they have a surgeon to go through with the surgery. Now, I thought this was weird and rushed but Cynthia comes back from America with another “Yong Pal” who makes illegal house calls too. Apparently he went to Johns Hopkins to study medicine. He performs the surgery with Chief Lee and Yong Pal.


At the end she says, “One must wake up to escape a bad dream. But if one refuses to wake up, the nightmare continues. Therefore that nightmare becomes yet another reality, and that reality will never cease to end. Until he calls my name.” He then calls her name and she opens her eyes. I’m guessing at this point she is actually alive and not dreaming. She survives the surgery and they can continue living their lives together.

Audience: PG-13
Satisfaction factor: 10
Acting: 8
Story: 9
Direction: 7
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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