Pen Ryn Mansion renovated!

So this past weekend we went to visit the mansion to see where we could put flowers and other decorations for the wedding. We walked in and we didn’t even notice that the place had been renovate until the person we were meeting pointed it out to us. The reception room, however, was noticeable. It just looks so clean and elegant now. We’re so excited because we came to the mansion thinking that we had to change linen colors and styles because they looked so plain. Now we don’t have to. It’s perfect! The walls outside of the reception area were repainted. The molding up where the little balcony is has changed as well. Below are before and after pictures.

Before at the top and after at the bottom. As you can see the table cloth before was really plain. We were going to add a sort of lacy cloth over the white. Now that the table cloth looks better, we don’t have to change it.
Before on left and after on the right. They changed the wall color from cream to blue which makes the room look a little more elegant. They also changed the moldings to a pearlescent color. This gives it a shiny and more magical feel.
Before at the top and after at the bottom. The picture I took of the new look of the room is at the bottom. Sorry about the dim look for the photo. It was really bright outside so it made everything inside dark. But as you can see, the curtains look different. The old curtains were very gold looking and matched the chairs. Now it’s a little more muted which makes the room look more elegant and classy. We really love the look of the reception room.
This is a better idea of what the fabric looks like. It’s a muted gold color instead of a really bold gold.


So overall, their interior designer did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to take pictures here 🙂

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