At the beginning

At the beginning:
Currently I am 19 weeks pregnant which is roughly in the 5th month of my pregnancy. I didn’t start recording my pregnancy from the beginning because I didn’t really have time. I am in the process of moving from Maryland back to Pennsylvania so everything has just been really busy with work and moving and life in general. I haven’t even been posting anything on here in months. This year has just been a year of crazy changes which I haven’t really been updating you guys about. So besides getting pregnant, I got engaged!!! The wedding is next year and we’re really excited about it. So yeah, like I said, this year was filled with a lot of changes. I didn’t really expect to find anyone new this year. I just feel really blessed and thankful for everything that has happened these past months.

This was a planned pregnancy and I’ve been stressing about it ever since I found out. I took two pregnancy tests which were both positive. I was so relieved when it finally happened and also scared that it would go away. With every pregnancy there is always a risk of miscarriage and being 32, I was worried that I might miscarry. When you look it up though, you see that the age you would have to worry about is 35 according to MayoClinic. I was just overly worrying about this which is normal but stressing out isn’t good for the baby either.

Diet changes:
So then I started to take prenatal vitamins. I first started to take the CVS brand then switched to Vitafusion. There is really no huge difference I just prefer Vitafusion for some odd reason. In my mind the brand name is more effective but really it’s probably just as effective to get the CVS brand. The CVS brand is also cheaper. I then had to cut out foods that I couldn’t eat anymore and avoid foods that would be harmful to the baby. I relied on the internet for this information. So I pretty much had to avoid alcohol, any raw meat/fish, deli meats, soft cheeses and other foods. Here is a list of foods from Just make sure that the foods you eat are pasteurized and that the raw veggies/fruits are properly washed. I get really paranoid about this and I look up everything before I eat it. Also make sure that the food you are eating is not expired. I ate one bite of an expired frozen dinner (creamy pasta dish) and I freaked out and started googling what happened to others when they did so. I was lucky that I didn’t get food poisoning from it. So yeah….always read the box before eating!!

My first 3 OB appointments:
Before I start, I just want to say that you might not want to empty your bladder fully before you go to your appointment. They always take a urine sample before you see your OB doctor because they check for UTI, protein and sugar. High levels of protein in your urine can indicate a condition called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is high blood pressure during pregnancy and the only cure is birth. High sugar can indicate diabetes.

When I called for my OB appointment the first thing they asked was what my pregnancy test results were. They want to make sure you have a positive pregnancy test before you make an appointment. They then ask for the date of your last menstrual period so they can schedule your appointment according to that date. I don’t remember exactly how many weeks pregnant they wanted me to be before they saw me but some doctors typically want to see you when you are about 8 weeks pregnant. I was about 8 to 9 weeks pregnant when I had my appointment. I researched before calling because this is the doctor’s office you are going to for the rest of your pregnancy. Even if you just pick one doctor there, they tell you that you’ll probably be seeing several doctors so that they are all familiar with your pregnancy and you are comfortable with them. If the doctor you chose first isn’t available when you give birth, then another doctor will be chosen (that’s why you need to see more than one).

At your first appointment they will do a PAP smear. Mine was an abnormal result which they said is normal because the changes in pregnancy allows your body to be immunocompromised. This in turn allows your body to be inhabited by unwanted microorganisms (namely HPV). This will cause your cells to look abnormal which then leads to the abnormal test results. HPV is the main risk factor for cervical cancer. In my second apppointment the midwife told me that this was nothing to worry about and that his usually resolves itself after I give birth. After this I had to make an appointment for a colposcopy.

The colposcopy seemed scary at first but it turned out to be just uncomfortable and a little gross. During a colposcopy the doctor looks into your cervix with a special microscope called a colposcope. The colposcope stays outside of the body. My doctor used acetic acid on some cells to see if they would change color. Cells that change color are abnormal. Mine changed color so she had to get a biopsy which they say is only as small as the point on a pen. In reality it felt like she snipped more than that. I’m sure she didn’t but that’s what it felt like to me. To stop the bleeding she placed a swab of silver nitrate. I was so glad when this was over. The doctor told me to abstain from sex for about a week. She also told me to not use any tampons or put anything up there. After the appointment was over there was still some blood from the procedure. I stopped seeing blood minutes after the appointment. I was a little traumatized from the procedure even though she told me everything was going to be ok. I didn’t see anything else come out the first day but the day after the procedure I did see some grey-ish, metallic smelling secretions. I figured that it was from the silver nitrate that she put there. I wanted to make sure, so I called the doctor’s office who confirmed that it was whatever the doctor placed up there during the procedure. The secretions continued for about 7-8 days. They called me to tell me that my results were normal and that I will have to make another appointment after the baby is born. Hopefully the results are normal then too.

So after this whole ordeal, would I recommend this procedure? It really depends on how worried you are about your results. I did some research and I read that you can’t get treatment until after the pregnancy anyway (if the results are abnormal). This is also a standard procedure and a lot of women go through this. It doesn’t harm the baby or you. If you are worried about the bleeding or anything about the procedure, just call your doctor’s office and voice your concerns. Hopefully your doctor’s office is as helpful as mine was.

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  1. Marta says:

    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy and engagement. You must be so happy. I’m posting a comment here because you seem a little stressed with your pregnancy. I’m 34 years old and I have 3 kids, one 4 years old and two non identical twins 5 months old. I had two very different pregnancies, the second much trickier than the first one. I want to give you some advice, calm yourself and try to enjoy the pregnancy. Don’t obsess over food and the internet is never a good source of information. Trust your doctor. Don’t overthink small things and take the news as they come. For my first pregnancy I got preclampsya, my baby was born on time and he was perfect in every way. On the second pregnancy (twins) I got high sugar fron the placenta, so I was on a very strict diet all pregnancy, but it was worth it. I had two beautiful sons and all went fine. About food, you can eat raw food if you freeze it. That’s the only way I could have sushi! Again trust your doctor, ask him/her everything and be calm and enjoy! Lots of kisses!


    1. Thanks so much for the advice. I’m glad to hear that your kids are healthy 🙂 Right now I’m worried about the Zika virus. And I miss sushi!! I’m gonna have to try that because it’s one of my faves 🙂


  2. sara says:

    as someone that had cervical cancer I get what they were looking for and what they were doing yet have never heard these things being routine tests while pregnant.. it is how ever a great way to cause infection or miscarriage. ps unless you have allergies or nausea any food you ate before is safe for you now


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Thanks so much for posting.


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