Keurig K475 from Influenster


Recently I received a huge box from Influenster. I hadn’t been doing Influenster for a while but since I’m not too busy at the moment, I decided to start up again. I got this voxbox today and was surprised to see so many items in the box. I actually got the email a couple of days ago and was really excited to be able to test the Keurig K475. My fiance and I are big coffee drinkers and this is perfect because we were actually looking to buy a coffee maker and now we don’t have to.


So below is my unboxing of the Keurig and it’s accessories. There will definitely be a review to follow this pretty soon. I will also try to do a video for those of you who haven’t used a Keurig before. We will probably set it up tonight and film so I can post it for you guys.

Note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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