Choosing flowers

Flowers can be very expensive when you start looking at numbers. It adds up. We called two places for flowers and really liked one of them. So, I was looking on Pinterest for flower arrangements we both liked and it’s really hard when you haven’t figured out your color scheme yet. Going to the florist really gets you thinking about what you want. You don’t know until you start talking about it. That’s how it was with us.


So we went with Pen Ryn’s vendors since we’re getting married there. Their florists have earned awards on various wedding sites. There were a few others but we just decided on two to visit. The first vendor was Flowers By David. He asked us what type of flowers we were thinking about and I said that I wanted to pick roses for my bouquet. So he said that we should probably stick to roses with the bridesmaids too and with the reception flowers. I know that he was just trying to match the inside flowers with the outside flowers but I felt like I was being pushed into getting the more expensive roses. I mean, roses are super pretty but also expensive for a wedding.  You have to pick flowers for the bride, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, flower girl (if you were having one), mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, the altar, the interior/exterior of the building (if you choose to do so), foyer/banister (totally optional btw), reception tables, sweetheart table and name card table. For the flowers we chose, we were quoted at about $1,500. So when going to a vendor you have to be firm in your decisions and have a plan and a budget set for yourself. This will guide how your visit is going to go. If you know what you want, then you will get the price you might be happier with. We should have planned more but we didn’t so he was sort of just guiding us along the way. Since we seemed indecisive he just suggested roses. I mean, if I was in that situation as a vendor I would take advantage too. Why not? Roses are expensive and not very big flowers. So we would have to buy a bunch for them to even make an impact.


The second place we went to was Precious Petals. She was more easy going and very open to a discussion on all sorts of flowers. She even had a catalog of flowers we could look at. She was suggesting cheaper alternatives too. I felt more comfortable in speaking with her than I did with David. She had examples of bouquets and different sizes I could choose from. She also had sample vases in a display case. She had an album of flower arrangements they have done for the weddings they did. So far we’re liking Precious Petals for our flowers. But we are still deciding on what we’re going to do.


Remember to take a lot of notes just in case you don’t get a quote from the vendor. Flowers by David did not give us his notes on what we were choosing for the wedding. I’m glad I took notes because I could compare the prices between the two vendors. Also remember to ask if you can bring your own items. Some vendors will arrange the flowers in your vases if you provide them. I think they may even arrange the flowers you provide. So it never hurts to think outside of the box and ask plenty of questions.

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