Review: Risen

I saw Risen the other day with my Fiance. I’ve been waiting for another movie like this because Hollywood doesn’t really make them. It’s nice that it’s not the story we’ve always seen on the big screen. It’s always the story leading up to Jesus rising from the dead but never what happened afterwards. We’ve all heard of the story and grew up with it. It’s refreshing to see a new gospel story in the theater. It’s like Hollywood is afraid to show movies like this. I read on a website somewhere that Hollywood tried to hide this movie and didn’t want it to be released: Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To See This New Movie About Jesus! Now I don’t know how true that is but I guess it sounds just crazy enough to be true. This movie was 10 years in the making and just now made it to theaters. It was produced by AFFIRM films which is affiliated with Sony Pictures. It came out recently on January 22 of this year. I was so glad and relieved that this movie wasn’t like Noah. That movie was terrible.


This is the summary on IMDb: “A man is chosen by his world’s creator to undertake a momentous mission before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world.” They turned the movie into this ridiculous thing that wasn’t really true to the bible story. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the bible but I know the story of Noah and I don’t remember there being rock giants or Noah being crazy like a murderer. Film directer Darren Aronofsky had this idea for the film: “…his goal from the start was to make a Noah for everyone. For nonbelievers, he wanted to create “this fantastical world a la Middle-earth that they wouldn’t expect from their grandmother’s Bible school.” At the same time, he wanted to make a film for those “who take this very, very seriously as gospel.”” Really? A film for those who are going to take this very seriously as gospel? What? What is wrong with you Aronofsky? Geez. Talk about weird. Anyway…..that’s why I was glad that Risen wasn’t like that disaster of a movie. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money in the theater for that garbage. It was surprisingly rated a 5.8/10 on IMDb. Since it was still a tad bit interesting, I think it should have gotten a 2/10. With that being said, lol, let’s get on to Risen.


This movie delves into the life of Roman Tribune Calvius. He is a fictional character and I don’t think he is ever mentioned in the bible. The movie follows him after the death and ascension of Jesus. Clavius leads an investigation, ordered by Pontius Pilate, to locate Jesus’ body after he had arisen from the dead. Clavius at first believes that Jesus’ body had been stolen and he was a skeptic. But after he sees Jesus for the first time in one of the Jewish houses, he is struck with awe. He doesn’t know what he has seen. He’s so confused that he just slowly enters the house and stares at what he doesn’t quite understand. How can a man who I have seen die be alive again? Here is where his wonderment starts. Here is where his curiosity about Christianity begins. He starts to follow the disciples to Galilee where they will see Jesus again. It’s a fascinating look at Clavius’ transition into Christianity. He even starts dressing like them towards the end.


I would like to see more bible stories and more accurate ones in the future. I really liked this movie because (even though the main character isn’t real) it reminded me of the old Christian movies. You could really feel the joy they felt when they were with Him. They were overjoyed and they would go to the ends of the earth with Him and for Him. I miss the feel of the traditional Christian movie. They should really bring that back and not make ridiculous movies like Noah ever again.


Of course there are those who think this movie isn’t good at all like this guy who made this ridiculous review here: Jesus Movie ‘Risen’ is less Bible, more ‘CSI: Judea’ But see the movie for yourselves and let me know what you think of it.

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