Stripped Down Challenge

There are many tag/challenge videos on YouTube that people do and it’s fun to make these videos. I’ve done a couple of tags but no challenges. I never really thought that it was worth my time to do this. There is this particular challenge video called “The Stripped Down Challenge.” I saw this on my feed but haven’t really been interested in finding out about it until now. So it first started with this somewhat famous Instagramer, Essena O’Neill (Now I have no idea if this is the real reason she is quitting but this is what she talked about in her video). She was made famous by social media and she is a popular model in Australia. She made this video about how she is fed up with social media and how it is all a lie. Well…welcome to reality my friend because no one ever thought that anything anyone ever posted online was the complete truth. I mean come on…pictures of models on magazines are Photoshoped. Almost everyone filters their photos on Instagram. Videos are edited so to make the subjects look their best. It seemed as though at the start of her career she had deluded herself into thinking that the social media industry was all about keeping it real.


She talked about how she thought that she had “made it” in life because of how many Instagram followers and views she had on YouTube. Sad to say, but that doesn’t mean you have made it in life. Life is so much more than that and social media is a very small part of it. She got really emotional in the video and I feel like she has more issues that just the lies of social media. It’s sad that social media places stress on people but social media is not all bad. She makes it seem like social media is what is causing her breakdown right now. But you know what, it’s probably a good thing that she made this video because there are other girls and boys that think this way too. They need to watch this and realize that Instagram followers doesn’t mean anything. Many people do social media (YouTube, blogs and such…) because it’s part of their job. They use it for supplemental income or for their full-time job. When she says that a lot of people who have “made it” on social media are miserable, that’s probably not the case. There are a lot of successful people on social media. There is a lot to social media than what she mentions in her video.


Now here’s the thing….I looked around online and saw this video from NinaandRanda stating that Essena might have been fibbing in her video. At the end of Essena’s video she asks for donations. She apparently got a lot of money in which she allegedly told her friend about and bragged about it. So I’m not quite sure what is going on here. Either Essena was fired from her job and she needed money or I don’t know, lol. This whole thing is a mess and it just goes against Essena’s point (that social media is fake and she is against that). NinaandRanda also mentioned those who donated were upset that Essena scammed them and she didn’t do whatever she promised to do with the money. Really guys? Did you really think she was going to use this money for a good cause? She was using this for rent and food….or just for personal expenses because apparently she is still living at her parent’s house. So yeah…not sure about this Essena issue. Best not to trust anyone online asking for money (in that way). Let’s just all stick to actual approved charities. NinaandRanda said that it was unethical to ask people to donate money. Well, it’s also common sense not to. I mean, you can’t blame Essena for trying to scam others (even though it’s disgusting) because other people can think for themselves.

So this video tag that is going around about making an unplanned video for 10 minutes without cuts doesn’t really make much sense. I don’t really know what it’s trying to prove. It’s pretty much just another random tag we’ll see on YouTube.

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