How to be romantic in the modern age

Being romantic is hard. Here is how to survive that and modify what is putting a damper on romance:
1. Technology
2. Restaurants

There are probably

So nowadays people are always on their phones even when they are with family or a significant other. Even on a date or a lunch with a friend, it would be weird to not see a phone in one of their hands. I can understand because I’m sometimes guilty of this too. I really try not to do it and I’m conscious of when I do. Even when I get a phone call I don’t answer unless I really have to. It’s sometimes hard for couples to be romantic with each other in this generation because of technology. Instead of a hand written letter, you get a text instead. It kind of takes the fun out of writing and receiving the letter itself. Remember those days when you had a pen-pal? We had those in elementary school and my pen-pal was from England. And when I moved from Singapore to America my sister and I used to write to our friends. Looking back now at those letters I have stashed away, I really miss those days of letter writing. I still get small notes here and there from friends but it’s a dying art in this generation. Texting is really where it’s at when it comes to romance for younger people. You have to then be more crafty with your text messages. Use emoticons and use actual words instead of abbreviations. That’s one pet peeve of mine. Young kids use too many abbreviations. Even though, I suggested the use of emoticons, the use of too many can be overkill as well (if that’s all you are sending all day). Be playful and be classy with your texts. Also, you don’t just have to use your phone to send notes. You can write them too. We can bring back the art of letter writing if we really wanted to. Leaving notes is very romantic. Get some cute/playful stationary and write a note to you husband or boyfriend. Trust me, they will appreciate it. It goes both ways too. Girls love notes. Leaving notes on their lunch or on the refrigerator door can be a great way to show how you care. You can also get cards from Hallmark which have cute and romantic messages in their cards. There is this quote that I found online that I found a little interesting.

“Romance is dead – it was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece.”

I myself am not very good with words when it comes to being romantic. I have my moments I guess but most of the time the words are just not coming out. Hallmark and other card stores help me pick out the best way to say that I care. When you look around there are really cute ways to show you love someone. It’s not that Hallmark is killing romance. Hallmark is helping others voice their feelings.

Aside from writing notes and such, there’s also the dating aspect of romance. When people were dating before Twitter, Facebook and all of these dating apps, people spoke face to face. Now, there are all of these things that people hide behind. I don’t blame them, it’s more convenient and no one wants to be shot down to their face. It happens but it’s embarrassing to most. It’s hard to get around it sometimes because these technologies are readily available and it’s easy to fall back on them. The other problem with trying to date through these sites is that you’ll probably find more duds than potential relationships. Some get lucky but others do not. The only thing we can do with this type of dating is being real with the other person. Others can get caught up in the chase and get lost in the fantasy. Being up front with the other person and being who you really are will really help. And even though technology really has killed courting and the art of wooing, when you have your first date go to a nice place. Guys should bring their dates a gift to make a good impression. Girls can also do this but I’m a little old-fashioned. My first date with my fiance, he brought me roses.


He also opened the door for me. What a gentleman ^_^ And I thought chivalry was dead. Being chivalrous is definitely an art and I’m not saying that all guys have to do this but it would be nice now and then. So those guys who think that girls don’t mind or don’t care (because of feminism and equality and all that nonsense. no offense to those who are.), think again.

So I got a little carried away and got off topic but you guys get the point I’m trying to make right? 🙂 Technology doesn’t have to kill romance.

People on a date are always portrayed seated opposite from each other. This is meant to be romantic because they can then stare into each others’ eyes. I also thought that this was the best way to sit. My first date with my fiance was a lot more romantic because we sat next to each other. This is so much better because you can enjoy each others’ warmth and company. Sharing food is so much easier this way too. One thing about sharing food is that one plate is enough. Many restaurants offer a second plate. We typically don’t use it. This one waiter brought us food on separate plates.

20160214_202025 (1)

Gone are the days of Lady and the Tramp. *sigh* We didn’t even ask for two separate meals. We said that we were sharing. It’s not like we were strangers. We didn’t act like we were friends. Get with the program kid. This waiter wasn’t very good either. I guess some people just don’t really understand the idea of romance. So next time, we might just say that we don’t want our meals separated.

This is probably not a comprehensive list of what is killing romance but I will probably have more to write later. Let me know what you guys think!

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