Gilmore Girls Reunion

I’ve been waiting for this since my fiance told me that this show was going to happen on Netflix. I watched this show several times already and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. The more I watch it the more I see how selfish and self-centered Lorelai is. I feel like she thinks about herself the entire show. Several examples show this fact.


  1. Ever since her mother set up those Friday night dinners she’s been thinking that her mother is getting back at her for leaving them. It hadn’t even occurred to her that her parents may really miss her, especially her mother. She missed out on years of her life and she can’t seem to wrap her head around that.
  2. When her mother tries to set her up with men she thinks it’s a personal attack or too much meddling. She only wants her granddaughter to have a father and have a traditional family.
  3. When her father was trying to get Rory into college at Yale she complained and made a big scene. What her father said was right about ivy league colleges. It is hard and it’s a big deal if your family had gone there before. Granted, he should have warned Rory first, but if he did, Lorelai would have stopped it before Rory even got to go to a meeting. The thing about Yale and Lorelai’s hatred of it is completely ridiculous. When she finds out that Rory applied to Yale she completely flips out. Her mother even said to her, “You can’t even let Rory have one piece of our lives, even if it’s her choice. You hate us that much.” It’s really sad and I feel sorry for her parents. I would never want my child to feel that much resentment and hatred towards me that Lorelai feels towards her parents.
  4. Lorelai’s dad gave her $75,000 for her birthday because it was an investment he made under her name when she was born. The property had gone out of business and they sold it. He gave her the money and he didn’t want her to tell her mother. At dinner that night she announced that she was giving back the money and her mother looked devastated. Lorelai even mentioned that they were going to attend dinners but it doesn’t have to be every Friday night anymore. Rory was even shocked and mad that she did this. This was really insensitive of Lorelai. The way she did it was just cold. She really doesn’t think that her parents have feelings or something. She even tried to defend her point of view and she made it sound like her parents were demons. It’s just not right.


It’s just ridiculous how Lorelai can’t get over herself. But then again, her parents have a lot of pride too. But as the daughter, she should be the one to apologize. Not once did I hear her really apologize to her parents for what she put them through. Losing your daughter like that is very hard. Her mother couldn’t even eat or sleep when she left.


So as I await these upcoming episodes I hope that Lorelai has at least grown up. But see as this is a drama series, she probably has not. Even so, I will still watch it religiously until it is over. I really do hope that Rory is in a relationship that will stick this time. It’s too bad that she got her mom’s bad relationship streak. I hope she has a new guy this time. I never liked Logan. I know lots of people were fans of their relationship. I wasn’t. I thought he was a spoiled, cocky, know-it-all brat. But for the fans, I’m sure they’ll bring back at least one of her past boyfriends. I just hope it’s not Logan. Actually none of her boyfriends were very good. There was something wrong will all of them. Jess and Dean thought they were too good to go some function. At least Dean went…but still complained. I really hope she is with a new guy, lol. I really do. It would be a nice change from same-old, same-old. Or if she doesn’t end up with a guy, all the better. She doesn’t need one if they’re all just going to be terrible anyway. I feel like the closer she got to her grandparents and the older she got, the more engrossed into their world she was (as evidenced by her dating Logan). She was so much simpler when she was younger. I kinda missed the old Rory. But everyone changes and it was inevitable because she got into Yale. She’s book smart and it got her to where she is now.


I’m really looking forward to what’s coming up with this show. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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