Review: Yong Pal [1st thoughts]

I haven’t posted anything in terms of Korean Dramas in a while. Since I’m not currently working, I’ve been spending my time watching dramas and crocheting dolls and other things. I came across this intense medical drama after my mom mentioned it to me last year. I decided only now to watch it. Now I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner. I’ve only seen the first episode so far but I’m definitely hooked. Click on the image below to watch it on DramaFever.


It begins with a young woman, Yeo Jin, riding in a car with her boyfriend. They get into a car accident and she ends up in a coma. Flash forward to a scene with a 3rd year resident, Tae Hyun, and his friend, Man Sik. They are in the sewers going towards a bunch of gang members who have gotten hurt during a gang fight. Tae Huyn has a sister who is in need of serious treatment (I’m thinking she needs a kidney transplant because she is going through dialysis. Or she could have some other underlying condition that renders her kidneys useless to her body.) He is in severe debt because he is paying off all of her medical bills. This is why he is treating criminals on the side. He creates a name for himself, Yong Pal. The cops are after him because he is performing illegal treatment and aiding criminals escape by treating them. I anticipate a lot of suspense and action in this drama. The first episode ends in a car chase and Yong Pal jumping into the river with a criminal. Now I’m not entire sure that the medical procedures in this show are accurate but it’s a very entertaining show. I would definitely recommend you see this if you are into exciting medical dramas with some romance sprinkled in. You can click on this link or the image above to go to DramaFever to watch it: Yong Pal.

I will have a full review after I’ve finished the show. It’s only 18 episodes. I hope you enjoy is as much as I do!

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  1. Dorothy Infante says:

    I just finished this drama in January, when I was locked up for four days at home because of snowstorm in my place. Like you, I also regretted bot watching this drama sooner. I so loved it that I rewatched the whole 18 episodes for the second time. Joo Won is amazing! Superb acting! His facial expressions in the different scenes says it all!


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