Review: The Boy

Saw this last night with my fiance and I can honestly say that this movie wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t as scary as would I have hoped it to be but it’s a pretty good movie. The story is well told and actors are pretty good too. It got a 6.3 rating on IMDb which is pretty typical for horror flicks such as this one. 6.3 for horror is pretty good rating. There are only a few that rise above that and go to an 8 like The Sixth Sense.


The story begins with an American nanny, Greta travelling to England to work for a wealthy family out in the middle of nowhere. I do have to warn you though…there will be spoilers. I tend to have them often in my reviews because I like to reflect on what I have seen and want to see what you guys think about them. She actually went to England to run away from her abusive husband. The job required her to look after a boy, Brahms, but she didn’t know that she would actually be taking care of a porcelain doll. At first she thought that it was some sort of joke but she didn’t see anyone laughing when his parents introduced her to him. This was all very strange to her and the rules they laid out for her to take care of him were very odd. She didn’t follow the rules at all at first but when strange things ended up happening to her, she started to actually take care of the doll.


At this point it seems as though she has assimilated into her role in the Brahms’ life. She even spends all of her time with him. Her abusive husband comes back near the end of the film. There’s an altercation and he ends up breaking the doll. There was a whole bunch of sand that came out of his broken head. At first I thought that this was his ashes (which doesn’t make sense because you find out later that Brahms is actually alive and didn’t die in that fire), but when I did a little bit of research, I came upon something called “reborn dolls.” The name sounds creepy and the dolls look even creepier. There are those who want dolls to look more lifelike so they create reborn dolls as a hobby. This has apparently been popular and been sold on ebay and other various sites. So I was thinking that maybe since their son had died, his parents created this reborn doll to remind them of him.


But then we later find out that the boy is actually alive and didn’t die like his parents said. He was living in the walls of the home for 20 years. He even had a whole room inside the house hidden from everyone else. His parents had known about this but did not tell her. As I look back I remember little things about what they did that makes sense now. Brahms’ mother told Greta that when she reads to him, she has to speak loudly and clearly (so he could hear her through the walls). She also told her that they don’t just throw food away (so he could come out and eat). They keep left-overs in the fridge (this wasn’t really that weird to me because I save food all the time). She wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend or guest over (because Brahms would get jealous, and his parents were pretty much picking a nanny to become his girlfriend). She couldn’t leave him alone by himself and she wasn’t allowed to up into the attic (so she couldn’t snoop around into their dark past). Brahms approved of her because she was pretty and his parents wrote a letter stating that he can keep her with him. All of these rules make sense because they were helping her survive. Before her husband showed up, she was doing fine and Brahms was behaving. But then again, he was also watching her every move and listening to all of her conversations. Super stalker-ish behavior.


By the end the movie wasn’t scary anymore but it was still super creepy. I would have liked the movie to remain a creepy movie about a boy spirit but then again that’s been done before. I still recommend this if you haven’t seen it ^_^

Audience: PG-13
Scariness factor: 7
Acting: 7
Story: 7
Direction: 8
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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