How We Met ❤

As we get older many memories fade and we create new ones. I wish I remembered exactly how my fiance and I met. I remember vague moments in high school and maybe middle school. We went to the same middle school and high school. We had a lot of high school classes together. We didn’t really speak much of anything but school work and physics class. I always hung out with my sister because we were very close. He was in the marching band and I was in the orchestra. One time at breakfast I was showing him pictures of when I was younger and I noticed that we had two pictures together. One where he was actually photobombing a picture of my sister’s and my going away lunch with our friends in middle school.  We were in the school cafeteria in a semi circle smiling for the photo, while my fiance to-be (little did I know) was at one of the tables behind us with a big smile on his face looking at the camera.  Who even knew photobombing existed in middle school?!  The second photo was an orchestra and band photo we took after our competitions at an amusement park (which I believe was Cedar Point). Even these moments seem like a blur as a think back with only a couple photos to depict events I didn’t even know occurred until we reconnected this past year.  We didn’t keep in touch with each other after high school given we were in different social circles and went on with our lives separate from each other.

12 years later, when I was on Facebook, I came across my now fiance’s profile through the “people you might know” feature.  Looking through his facebook page (not stalking of course – only weirdos do that!) I remembered how I did use to have a crush on him; and I thought to myself… “I wonder if he’s seeing anybody…”.  So, I decided to send him a friend invite.  Two days went by before he accepted (way to keep a girl waiting. GRR! ). And he didn’t even send me a message after he did finally accept the invite.  A few days after we were “friends”, the facebook kind, I decided to send him a message.  It was a really well thought out message which I knew would grab his attention immediately.  So on May 2, 2015 at 10:15PM I sent him a message saying, “hey, what’s up”.  Then I fell asleep…

I woke up the next morning to his response and I was surprised that it wasn’t a short generic, “Hey how are you?” or “I’m doing good, how about you?” To be honest, I thought he was crazy at first…but also different from other guys I have spoken with. We started Facebook chatting the night after the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather game. Neither of us were huge fans of the fight. We talked for hours.  We had the normal exchange of life details: likes/dislikes, movies of interest, where our lives had taken us over the past 12 years, etc etc.  And then we had our first “movie date” over facebook messenger.  We watched Insidious 2 on Netflix.  We timed it so we both started the movie at the same time, and just chatted as we both watched the movie.  It was love at first… message?! Before signing off early Monday morning we exchanged numbers and Facebook chatting turned in to texting which then turned in to talking on the phone after work. In our chats I had confessed that I had a crush on him in high school and he told me he had felt the same way.

At this point we lived about 3 hours away from each other. We had planned to meet at the end of the month that May, but we couldn’t wait any longer. We met about a week after we first talked on Facebook. He picked me up from work and I felt really nervous. It was awkward at first, not because of him, but because of my co-workers. The first time he came to pick me up they were peering through the windows to see who he was and what he looked like. We had a small parking lot and since it was a small facility we knew exactly who came in and out of the building. He even brought me flowers in a little lady bug vase.  It was adorable!! He opened my door for me… and about halfway through the ride home we starting holding hands.  When he dropped me off at my house to shower and change, he kissed me before I closed the door. Then we had our first date later that day!…


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