Blast from the past

I was having this conversation about gym class with my fiance on our way home from the store. I don’t know how gym class is structured now but it was horrible when I was growing up. The first time I had gym class, I had no idea how to play any sports. I had just moved to this country from Singapore. In Singapore, gym class was structured in a way to keep children fit and healthy. I just remember bits and pieces. From what I do remember, we had exercises and obstacle course type things to do. It was pretty fun and I don’t recall hating gym class back then. When I came here to the US, we had to play basketball, baseball, hockey and flag football. I didn’t know how to do any of these things. The teacher tried to teach my how to shoot the ball through the hoop but there wasn’t much teaching in gym. And the kids weren’t helping either. Little kids are very cruel to each other. Teasing ensues and the whole gym class experience is just so much worse after that.


The problem with gym class is that there is no motivation given to kids. The only thing that mattered were the gym tests we took. I hated those gym tests…especially the mile. The mile was a ridiculous test that pushed students to run 1 mile and embarrassed the kids who were last. It’s an unfair race. Other kids got really into it and some actually threw up because they pushed themselves too hard.

I don’t think that gym class actually helped us pass those fitness exams. If you weren’t good at sports you didn’t do much. It was a whole class that wasted my time. I would rather have gone to another math or art class. I wish I didn’t have to take it. Gym class is a sad excuse for high school credit. It would only be worth it if all the kids actually participated or weren’t too embarrassed to participate. It lowers self-esteem when you think you can’t do something others can. I really, really did not enjoy gym class. I wish they had separate gym classes for different interests. In the school I went to in Singapore there were aerobics and racket sports. It’s just more fun that way. But then again, public schools don’t really have that much funding for things like that. So I guess gym will always be like it was and will not really change much. At least it was only 4 years. When I got into college I vowed never to join a gym class….well that didn’t happen. I ended up getting into Tai Chi and Aikido….so there you go, lol.

What did you guys think of gym class? Did you like it? Not like it? What were your experiences like?

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