I haven’t been posting much these days about my life. Just about the movies I’ve seen. Life has been busy and I’ve been lazy with YouTube and such as many have noticed. Sometimes I get so tired from work that I can’t find the energy to make anything new. I do want to keep making dolls….I just have to find the motivation to. And since my sister has moved back I’ve been trying to find things to do other than sitting around at home. It’s been so quiet around here without her and the kids. I really miss them being here. So, I did what any normal person would do, join a gym. At the gym I didn’t really feel the sense of belonging. But then again, people don’t go to the gym to gain anything. They just go about their business; run, lift weights, or use the massage chair. Not really what you consider a place where you would make any sort of connection.

Now, many of you don’t know this about me but I’ve always been interested in martial arts; Aikido, in particular. The first time I took Aikido, I didn’t know what I was getting into. It was just for a gym credit and I wasn’t interested in joining anything else. It hurt like hell and bruised me up every single class but I absolutely loved it. This was when I was taking Electrical Engineering and didn’t know what to do with my life. I never studied but I was more into Aikido that I was with my classes. Go figure right. I guess it was then that I realized that I wanted to do this. At first it was for self defense…that’s what I told myself, but I think it was something else. I’m still trying to figure that out. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a good thing.

So when I changed my major, I had to change schools and move back home. It was then that I started looking for a place I could train in Aikido. I finally found a place about 12 minutes away from me. I felt really rusty but I still learned a lot. Then school got in the way and I stopped going. It really pained me to stop going. It then took me about 3-4 years to go back. I started going again a couple days ago and I have no intention of leaving. Aikido has this hold on me that no other martial art has. The first day I was back, it was a Sunday and one of the students stayed with me to train. With the cold weather, there weren’t that many people there and it was a Sunday after all. When I got back into it, I struggled but I was determined to try harder.

Writing about this makes me think about this video we saw back when I was still away at college. The video was called “Budo: The Art of Killing”. It’s funny because that is not what Aikido is about at all. The title is so misleading. I wonder if that’s what people think all martial arts is about. Aikido is used for self defense. It is used to strengthen the mind, the body and the spirit. It is, to many, a way of life. If there is anything else that Aikido does is that it relieves stress. Life produces so many stressors and one can only take so much. And I hope, in the future, that Aikido will make me into a stronger person.

Now if only I had a work schedule that allowed me to go every day. What’s weird about my schedule is that I work night shift. So whenever there’s a morning class, I can’t make it. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is for now. So for the time being, I’m going to try to go every chance I get if the weather doesn’t get in the way 😉

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