Review: White Collar


I just got around to finishing up White Collar. I’ve never had a chance to review this on here but it’s better late than never right? This show is such a pleasure to watch. Whenever I see a short series like this, there is always a part of it that’s slow or not very good. I know when I was watching Prison Break, it was either season 2 or 3 that was not my favorite. This show had a very nice pace. It didn’t even feel rushed at the end. It’s one of those shows that has you begging for more after the last episode. When I heard that this show was ending I was so sad because I loved watching Neal con other people. Now I know that in real life, being conned is terrible but Neal makes it look not so terrible.

So let me backtrack a little and tell those of you who haven’t seen this show what this show is about. The main character, Neal Caffrey, is a con man. He is an expert art thief and he has made a living stealing precious art. He gets caught by the FBI and he becomes a Criminal Informant. That’s basically the gist of the whole series. He and his handler, Peter Burke, solve various crimes in the city. The main story though, is Neal working to get his freedom. The FBI has promised Neal his freedom if he works for the FBI a certain amount of time. And of course, scattered throughout the show are little side stories. You see Neal grow from being merely a con man with no personal connections to a man who has everything to live for. He had grown into someone who cares about others and worried if his con would hurt them. At first his only friend was Mozzie but by the end, he had made a lot of friends. The only thing that never changed was Neal’s urge to steal. Once a con, always a con…as they’ve mentioned multiple times in the show.


In the show, Neal’s archenemy is Matthew Keller. He has evaded Neal since the beginning and has even tried to hurt people close to him. In one of the episodes he even kidnaps Peter’s wife. When you thought you would never see Keller again, he pops up again in another episode. He really bugged me. He always seems to make everything worse and “go south.” I was so glad when he eventually gets shot in the head by Peter.


So about the ending…it wasn’t the best ending but what happened had to happen. Keller kept on saying that once Neal brings down the Pink Panthers (an elite group of thieves) it wouldn’t be the end. There are always people who are after Neal. He will always be hiding from someone and worry about the people near and dear to him. So the only option was to fake his death and escape. He ran away from the only family he had known. It was really sad at first when I thought he really had died. They were pretty convincing about it. But I kept on waiting for Neal to pop up and tell Peter that he was still alive. Peter had to find out on his own that Neal was still alive. The only thing that baffles me is if Mozzie knew all along. Was Mozzie giving Peter clues all this time? When he wept over Neal’s body it was pretty convincing. I’m not sure if he was acting or not. At the end, though, I had an inkling that Mozzie eventually realizes (if he didn’t already know) that Neal is still alive. Neal mentioned that after getting his freedom that both of them would go back to the basics. At the end we see Mozzie playing a game of “find the card.” This was the game he played with Neal when they met. So this made me think that he knew Neal wasn’t dead. I would have liked to see more of a confirmation. Then again…where’s the fun in that. I think the writers wanted the viewers to interpret the ending in their own way.


Even though the ending wasn’t very clear I really loved it. The show was amazing and I wish there were more episodes. It’s a shame that Neal won’t be able to see his namesake. I’d like to think that Neal would sneak into the US now and then to check up on them. The one thing that saddened me was that he didn’t end up with Sarah. She was great for him and she understood him so well. She also didn’t want to live in a fairy tale or a dream. Neal was a wonderful dream for her and she wanted something real. But I think if she didn’t have to move, they probably would have ended up together.

So this post was pretty much filled with a ton of spoilers. If you have seen this show please leave a comment on what you think happened at the end of the show. I would love to know what you think.

Audience: PG
Satisfaction factor: 9
Acting: 9
Story: 9
Direction: 9
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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  1. rileylove097 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Oh my word… I absolutely love White Collar, Great ending… I especially love the characters – Neal, Peter, Mozzie, Diana, Jones, June and Elizabeth… But most of all I love the actors/actresses that play the characters – Matt Bomer, Tim Dekay, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason, Sharif Atkins, Diahann Carroll, and Tiffani Thiessen. All great!!!


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