Oh those pesky wisdom teeth…

They’re the kind of things people don’t really pay attention to until there’s a problem. I’ve had my wisdom teeth for years now and they’ve been bothering me because, first of all, they are hard to clean. And secondly, they always happen to graze the inside of my cheek and create canker sores. Yeah, I know, TMI. But if you have this problem you understand what I mean. It makes it difficult to eat after that and that’s just not enjoyable for anyone. So, anyway I got them out recently and I’m so glad they’re gone. I was really hoping for my face not to swell as much and I was lucky that it didn’t. I had just a little bit of swelling but not enough to be noticeable. I didn’t even have to take a lot of painkillers. All in all it was a pretty pleasant experience. Having to eat pureed food all day wasn’t great, however. I was constantly hungry and out of energy.

So right now, it’s almost three weeks from my surgery and I’m on solids. The only thing I can’t eat until I’m completely healed is popcorn. I was given a plastic syringe with a bent tip so that I could clean the areas. Sometimes the syringe doesn’t get everything and I have to physically try to remove them with water by swishing it around in my mouth. Or I would have to try to very carefully dislodge it with the tip of the syringe. If you have this issue, I would not recommend sticking anything sharp down there. I would try to use the water method, or use the tip of the syringe. The syringe isn’t sharp but just try to not jab down there. It will not be pleasant. So it’ll be about a month or two before everything is normal again. Let me know your wisdom teeth extraction stories. How did it go?

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