Coke Ad Madness

So I just recently saw the ruckus about the Coke ad that aired during the Super Bowl. I don’t see why people have to get upset about this. If you haven’t seen this ad, view it below:

The last time I checked, there are many different people who live in America. This country is made up of people who speak different languages and have different cultures…that’s what makes America beautiful. Although, it is clear that there are many who don’t agree. The song was supposed to depict the “melting pot” we have and the fact that America has accepted difference in this country. That was the point which many people have so obviously missed.

I have read the comments and they reek with ignorance and hate. It’s “America the beautiful” not “America the hideous.” And those who posted…”..we speak American…”…really? And what is American to you? Apparently I must have missed something because I don’t think “American” is a language. I think that people need to chill and calm down about this. This is something that we shouldn’t get upset about.

What people should be upset about is how unexciting the game was…

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