The Holidays

Christmas is almost upon us and I just got done buying presents last week. I can’t believe that this year is almost over. So many things happened, so many memories made. I feel as if I am embarking on a new year as an entirely different person as I was at the beginning of this one. I have learned a lot about life and I am grateful for that. I know that I’m being very vague here but I’ve always been pretty private when it comes to telling my life story on here and on YouTube. I do tell stories here and there but nothing specific. I do want to say this though, I’m really thankful for you guys for supporting me this long. I never would have had this much exposure without you. I promise to have more dolls made next year. I know I’ve been busy and a little lazy recently but next year I will be a little bit more productive with my time.

This post isn’t very long but I just wanted to say this and leave it out there for you guys. If you want to comment, feel free 🙂 I just felt as if I had to write this before I went to bed. I hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful holiday season filled with happiness ^_^

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