Review: Vampire Prosecutor


Ever since the Twilight series I’ve been sick and tired of vampire this and vampire that. However, my mom recently mentioned Vampire Prosecutor. She told me that the show was really popular and that it’s suppose to be quite good. I was hesitant to watch it because of the vampire theme but I finally started watching. I was surprised at how much I liked the show. From beginning to end, this was a treat to watch. I can now see how many people find this show amazing. There are many reasons why you should watch this show:

1. Yun Jung Hoon is in it
2. Great action scenes
3. Great plot
4. Really nice mini stories sprinkled in between
5. Yun Jung Hoon
6. Oh and did I mention Yun Jung Hoon… 😉

Anyway, if you would like to watch this, click on this dramafever link: Vampire Prosecutor

A warning for you guys, this post will contain spoilers.


Yun Jung Hoon plays a prosecutor named Min Tae-Yeon. The first episode starts with a car chase that ends up in a tragic car crash. Min Tae-Yeon was chasing down another prosecutor along with a man in a hooded jacket. The identity of the hooded man is not revealed until the end but you kinda get a feeling of who it is when you start watching it. During the car crash, the hooded man kills the other prosecutor and bites his neck. He then goes to Min Tae-Yeon and bites his neck which turns him into a vampire. This is a pretty intense beginning for this drama. Throughout the series there are cases that prosecutor Min and his team have to solve. However, the main story involves the death of prosecutor Min’s sister, Seo Ji-Yeon.

They had grown up in the orphanage together and I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the show or not but I believe they were adopted together. Ji-Yeon ends up being killed (which later on you find out that she wasn’t) by the hooded figure. Ever since that incident, prosecutor Min has been trying to find out who the hooded figure is.

When solving crimes, prosecutor Min drinks the blood of the victims to find out what happened to them. This gives the team an edge, but only one detective, Soon Bum, knows that he is a vampire. The rest of the team is left confused on how solves these cases so quickly.

So back to the main story….As we get to the end of the show, prosecutor Min slowly finds out the truth about the hooded figure and the events that followed soon after. In a few episodes, prosecutor Min is shown going to a club called Club Blood. This is where he gets the blood he drinks. He doesn’t actually drink the blood of innocent victims. The one who serves him blood was a doctor who was experimenting with new blood types that have been found (vampire blood). He thought that he would do good in the world with vampire blood so he gave one of the patients there vampire blood. He ended up creating the hooded figure. Later on prosecutor Min also finds out that Ji-Yeon is not dead. She is a vampire who is sucking the life out of all of those victims the hooded figure caught. This is also where we find out that the hooded figure is his superior, Jang Chul-Oh. Apparently Jang Chul-Oh was trying to quench Ji-Yeon’s thirst for blood by locking her up in a warehouse. He has been capturing victims for her to devour. The way this ends is pretty sad and we really don’t know what happens to Jang Chul-Oh or Ji-Yeon. In the end, when Jang-Chul-Oh was about to be captured, he carries Ji-Yeon and jumps into the river with her, never to be seen again.


The show ends with prosecutor Min fully accepting his identity as a vampire and he finally calls himself a Vampire Prosecutor. I really think that this is a phenomenal show and I’m not surprised that they made a second one. This only has 12 episodes so it’s pretty short. I would have liked to see prosecutor Min end up with the female prosecutor, Yoo Jung-In, but that wasn’t really the point of the show. You do see a little bit of chemistry between them and I had a feeling that they did like each other. There’s was just too much going on at the end for them to even start something. Besides the romance though, there was a lot of action. The action scenes were great. I love how they slowed down some of it to create a nice effect. The way prosecutor Min functions is very smart. I really liked how they created his character that way. Even in times where you think that he has been captured, he does something to his advantage. And the fact that he is a vampire is an added bonus.

So I would recommend this show. I can’t wait to watch Vampire Prosecutor 2. You can click on this link to watch that if you haven’t already: Vampire Prosecutor 2

Audience: PG-13
Satisfaction factor: 8
Acting: 8
Story: 8
Direction: 8
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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  1. theheartofkdramas says:

    I really liked this drama as well! I loved the characters and I don’t think there was an episode that I didn’t like. ^____^


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