Review: Two Weeks

**There might be SPOILERS**

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I finished this drama in about 3 days because I was hooked. I admit that it was slow at the beginning but it began to pick up around episode 6. This is a fast paced drama that has a great story. It is a story of a man, Jang Tae San who has nothing to live for and who just does what he is told. It is only when he finds out that his daughter needs a bone marrow transplant that he has something to fight for. The drama is done in a way that tells bits and pieces of the past in the form of flashbacks. This is pretty creative because it keeps the viewer guessing along the way.


Jang Tae San has been working for a thug, Moon Il Seok. Moon Il Seok is secretly working with a woman named Jo Seo Hee. These two are involved in some sort of political scheme to gain tons of money. Moon Il Seok just wants to get more powerful and Jo Seo Hee wants the money for her mentally challenged child. Jan Tae San gets caught in the middle and suffers for it. Park Jae Kyung is a prosecutor who has been investigating Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee for years. She started investigating them because Moon Il Seok killed her father many years ago. She became a prosecutor to avenge her father’s death. She had her friend Oh Mi Sook get into a relationship with Moon Il Seok so that she can spy on them. Moon Il Seok, however, finds out about this and ends up killing Oh Mi Sook. Moon Il Seok then pins the murder on Jang Tae San.


Meanwhile, Jang Tae San’s ex-girlfriend, Seo In Hye (from 8 years ago), contacts him about his daughter. She tells him that she needs him to be checked to see if he can be a bone marrow donor for their daughter. Of course at this point he is shocked. Eight years ago, Moon Il Seok had threatened Jang Tae San and said that he would kill him and Seo In Hye. Jang Tae San broke up with Seo In Hye to save her life. He was harsh with her and when she told him that she was pregnant, he made it seem like he didn’t care about her. He told her to abort the baby and even forced her to go to the hospital. So 8 years into the present, you see that Seo In Hye really hates his guts. But she really needs a donor so she had to find and contact him. He goes to the hospital and ends up being a match. So when the murder of Oh Mi Sook was pinned on Jang Tae San, he has to flee and try to clear his name for the sake of his daughter.


Also, Seo In Hye is engaged with the detective working on the case (Im Seung Woo). This has become a real mess and Im Seung Woo has a difficult time putting his feelings aside in this case. When Im Seung Woo finds out the truth about Seo In Hye’s relationship with Jang Tae San, he makes a few stupid decisions that put Jang Tae San’s life in danger. I’m not going to go into details on what happened with the investigation. I’ll let you guys see that for yourself, but I do want to say that the show ends well and the culprits do get caught. There’s also another mini story in there that I didn’t mention but you’ll see it when you watch the show. And Jang Tae San ends up saving his daughter and clearing his name.

As for the relationship between Seo In Hye, Im Seung Woo and Jang Tae San….that is up for the viewer to decide. We never really know or see what happens with that. Seo In Hye mentions that all of them need time. They need time to heal and absorb what has happened. They need to reflect about what has happened to reevaluate what is really important. I do have a feeling that Seo In Hye will stay with Im Seung Woo. But who do I really want to end up together? Seo In Hye and Jang Tae San. I think that they were robbed of their time together and that it was unfair that it had to end 8 years ago. But I also think it is unfair for Im Seung Woo because he would do anything for Seo In Hye’s daughter. So this situation between the three is a tricky one. I guess that’s why the writers decided to end the story that way and keep us guessing.


I think that the story was great. Aside from the slow beginning, it flowed well and the actors were pretty solid. I’ve always been a fan of Lee Joon Gi ever since I saw him in Iljimae. He was amazing in the role. This show has been an emotional roller coaster. I really felt for the characters, especially Jang Tae San. The writers did a great job and avoided a predictable storyline. Instead of keeping Jang Tae San clueless about what is happening around him, he is actually the one who calls the shots and plans many of their moves.

This is a great action film without excessive lovey-dovey scenes. So if you are looking for romance, this drama is not for you. The action scenes are well choreographed and Lee Joon Gi does many of his own stunts (swoon…). Anyway, I think that you guys will really enjoy watching this drama. Let me know what you think of it if you have seen it already ^_^

Audience: PG-13
Satisfaction factor: 8
Acting: 9
Story: 8
Direction: 9
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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