Something more ridiculous than that “Friday” song

Ok so remember that Friday song by Rebecca Black? That song wasn’t that horrible….I guess. But what is even worse is the making of a new video called “Chinese Food.” When you watch it you’ll see why. Seriously, what kid goes to a club? When you’re grumpy, do you push down trash cans on the side of the road? Who smells food that way? And first of all, that stuff they typically call “Chinese food” isn’t really authentic Chinese food (but I digress). And did you see that part where she opens the fortune cookie and it says that she will find a new friend….and she turns around and sees the panda bear. Um…ok. That was totally random. Of all the people in the restaurant, she sees the creepy mascot sitting in the corner. Also, what is a grown man doing at a girls’ sleepover? Oh and at the end…why are they dressed in Japanese costumes when they are singing about how great Chinese food is?

This music video is all sorts of creepy, shady and a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense to the average person. I seriously don’t know what they were thinking when they made this video. At least “Friday” made some sense….just a little. Anyway, leave me your thoughts 🙂

Before I forget…I also want to mention that they also make other videos that are equally as terrible.

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    I’d seen this quite a few times already,LOL. Everyone is like….O_O . Seriously.


    1. Did you see their other videos? 😛


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