Review: Master’s Sun

**SPOILERS included**

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As you know I am a huge fan of the horror genre. Now there is a show full of horror and mystery. And oh, there’s a sprinkle of romance in there too. I really am in love with this show. The fact that So Ji-Sub is in it made it even better. I really loved him in Ghost. The chemistry between Joong-Won and Kong-Sil is cute and I enjoy the conversations between the two. So what is this story about? Well, the story begins with a stormy night and Kong-Sil is seen taking out the trash. Her apartment’s landlord tells her that someone in apartment 404 has moved out and she has to clean it. Kong-Sil is hesitant but she goes anyway. She is about to open the door as loud thunder scares her. She opens the door slowly and she sees a figure and immediately turns on the light. She starts to clean the room and the light bulb blows. She hurries to clean the room in the dark and to her surprise the door shuts and a figure appears on top of the dresser. She tries to run away from it but it catches up to her in her house. The scary looking figure transforms into an old lady. The scene changes and Kong-Sil is now standing in front of what seems like a gathering for a funeral. The funeral is for the old lady that had passed away. She goes there to give her son money that she has been saving up. Kong-Sil then sees the family arguing over who can keep the money. The scene changes again and we see Joong-Won talking to a man who doesn’t want to get rid of his house because of the memory of his dead wife. We can see here that Joong-Won is very disrespectful of the dead and he forces the man to sign his house away. As he and his assistant (Gwi-Do) are driving away, they encounter Kong-Sil on the road. She needs a ride home because it is still raining and she has a long way to go. Joong-Won tells Gwi-Do to keep going but he is forced to stop when he sees a sudden flash of light. The car stops and Kong-Sil sees this as an opportunity to get inside the car. She thought that they stopped for her. So this is Joong-Won and Kong-Sil’s first meeting.


They are complete opposites of each other. Joong-Won doesn’t believe in anything he doesn’t see and Kong-Sil believes in the unbelievable. I like to see this show as a collection of short ghost stories that go along with a main plot. The main plot is not seen until later on in the series but you can see bits and pieces of it throughout. Joong-Won is the typical mean guy who turns out to have an nice side to him. Kong-Sil is the “sun” that brightens up the “master’s” soul. She pretty much changes him for the better. I liked their love/hate relationship. Kong-Sil desparately tries to cling to Joong-Won because of her fear of ghosts. Joong-Won keeps pushing her away but he slowly starts to fall for her. He is afraid of commitment and it is probably due to his relationship with a girl from his past (she had died in an incident that will later be discussed). He is a broken man and Kong-Sil has the ability to fix him for the better.


As for the main plot of the series, Joong-Won was kidnapped 15 years prior to the start of the first episode. It was a traumatic moment for him that caused him great pain. There was a girl, Hee-Joo, he had fallen in love with and apparently, as the story starts, she was involved in his kidnapping. Later on we find out that Hee-Joo has a twin, Han Na, who also fell in love with with him. Han Na had been adopted by a rich family and she wanted to find who her twin was so she went to visit Hee-Joo. When they met, Hee-Joo took Han Na to the library to where Joong-Won was reading. Hee-Joo had told Han Na that she was too shy to approach Joong-Won but and that she has loved him since she was very young. Han Na takes this opportunity to help Hee-Joo by introducing herself as her sister. This, however, works against Hee-Joo because Han Na ends up falling for Joong-Won as well. Hee-Joo is jealous of her sister and plots to get rid of her, hence the kidnapping. The kidnapping ends with Han Na dying in a car crash that Hee-Joo caused. She tells her sister that she has to die as her. This is all very tragically revealed in episode 14. Hee-Joo herself tells Joong-Won what happened.


I think that the entire series is phenomenal. I liked how the annoying characters don’t last long. At some point in the series Joong-Won gets engaged with another woman and I was devastated to hear this. But he soon breaks off the engagement. There’s not too much drama in this series as compared to Glass Mask or I Miss You. There is a nice mix of drama, humor and horror. It’s one of my favorite drama so far. I have raved about Coffee Prince and Goong in the past but this is by far one of my favorites. I highly recommend to those who don’t mind watching a horror themed drama. I think that Kong Hyo-Jin did an excellent job with her role as she had to play several different characters while she was possessed by different spirits. Its definitely an enjoyable series. It will scare you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you mad. I loved it and I hope that you will too 🙂

Audience: PG-13
Scariness factor: 1
Acting: 8
Story: 9
Direction: 8
Would I recommend: Yes

*Note: Based on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best you could get in a category.

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  1. anonmyous says:

    I know theres 17 episodes. I”‘m up to episode 13. Its almost like USA shows Ghost Whisperer. I was looking for to see if the show is canceled or will continue again this year. My wife who was watching got me to like it. I’m hoping it will continue. I think I read about another new coming out in July 2014. There are some good shows from South Korea. Thumbs Up. and Thumbs up on Masters Sun. I have been recommending here in the USA.


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