Apple or Android

Many people are divided over whether to choose iPhone or Android. Others are loyal to one side. My first smartphone was the iPhone 4s. I kept it for a good 2 years because of the contract with AT&T but when I started hearing about the Samsung Galaxy phones I thought of switching. I was first exposed to the Samsung phone when watching Korean dramas with my mom. They always use their own phones which is great exposure for them. I did love my iPhone when I first got it, don’t get me wrong. It’s an amazing smartphone and it is small and compact. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had a bigger screen and had better features, in my opinion.

I really haven’t chosen a side. Whichever side has a better phone, that’s where I’ll go. So far though, the Android phones are more appealing to me. I love how you can install widgets on the phone. It’s a lot more convenient and navigating the Note 2 flows better. Editing documents on there is much easier because of the larger screen.

I do look forward to the next iPhones to see what they come up with but so far I haven’t seen anything I like. The iPhone 5s and 5c are not too impressive from the various reviews I have read about them. But who knows, the iPhone 6 might be better. I think Apple needs to step up and think outside of the box. Dare to be daring. I would like to see a completely different take on the iPhone smartphones.

How about you guys? What do you think? Do you stick to one type of phone? Leave a comment below 🙂

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  1. Mena says:

    Nice post



  2. greenagainn says:

    I’ve gone from using an HTC desire 3 years ago to getting LGs Nexus 4. I just wanted a stock version of Android with none of the extra garbage I didn’t need. Now I also have a Nexus 7 and will probably get the next Nexus phone that Google decide to release.

    iPhones have never really interested me as I like to tinker with all my devices and Android always seemed far more open about that kind of thing while Apple always tries to keep their systems locked down.

    It’s also nice that Nexus devices are really cheap since Google doesn’t need the money from the phones as much as they want customers to shop at the Play store.


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