Fitbit, books and other things

I purchased the Fitbit Flex recently in order to increase my activity level. I haven’t been working out because of school and I’ve been wanting to start exercising. Even thought the Fitbit Flex is basically a pedometer, it’s helped me watch what I eat through the app on my droid. $99 is kind of expensive for a pedometer but this has helped me become more active. It gives me a sense of achievement whenever I see how many steps I’ve done and it motivates me to do more. Sometimes I get lazy but I still keep at it. One piece of advice I can give is to encourage your friends to do this as well. This way, you guys can compete to see who has more steps.

Besides that, I’ve been working on my book. I’ve gotten about 28 pages done. My goal is to have at least 32 pages because the online publishing site requires 32 pages for me to be able to use the type of binding I want. It’s been stressful because school is starting soon. Also, the pressure of finding a job is nearing. I just hope I get everything done on time. I have the tendency to start multiple projects and I end up overwhelming myself with everything. But then again, it’s a good thing to be busy. It just doesn’t feel right when I don’t have anything to do.

Recently I’ve been going to the movies when I can. This Is The End was hilarious. I didn’t know Emma Watson was in it and she was so funny. I wish she had more lines in the movie. Another great movie was Red 2. I didn’t see Red but after seeing Red 2, I will definitely see Red sometime in the future. The Conjuring was pretty good. I’m always looking for a good scary movie to see. Sometimes they are just full of gore and violence which doesn’t make it a scary movie. The Conjuring is the first good scary movie I’ve seen in a while. There are very few great horror films. Sometimes I look for foreign horror just because the ones made here are not that great. Even when they remake the foreign ones, they mess it up. I really liked The Eye so I was interesting in watching the Jessica Alba version. It wasn’t very good. I don’t recommend it.

So that’s what’s been going on recently. Oh and I’ve also been watching some Korean dramas with my mom. The good ones so far…Wonderful Mama, Mary Stayed Out All Night and Goddess Of Fire.

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