Review: High Kick 3 Revenge of the Short Legged

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It’s not everyday you find a satisfying show. This is another Korean drama but it’s kinda like Friends and shows like that. It’s a comedy. High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged is a great show. I’m sorta sad that I finished it. It had a total of 123 episodes. Of course there are parts that you want to skip through because annoying characters make it unbearable to watch, but for the most part it’s very entertaining. The acting is amazing and I loved the cast.  The main characters are lovable. There is great character development and you end up getting attached to a few of them. There is this one particular relationship that was my favorite. It was between Ha Sun and Ji Suk. Those two are so adorable. And I have to say, Ha Sun is one of my favorite’s in the show. She has such great comedic timing and her acting is superb. I found myself in tears, laughing at the stuff she does and says. She is naive and at times this can be off putting because you feel for Ji Suk.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. I din’t even tell you guys what this show is about. It revolves around two households. The backgrounds of these two families are full of tragedy and hardships. On one side there is Ji Suk’s family. Ji Suk has two siblings, Yoo Sun and Kye Sang. Yoo Sun’s husband, Nae Sang, had been screwed over by a close friend. Nae Sang now owes a lot of money and he and his family had to move in with Yoo Sun’s brothers. Nae Sang has two children, Jong Suk and Soo Jeong. On Ha Sun’s side, she lives with three people, Jin Hee, Ji Won and Julien. Both Ha Sun and Julien are teachers who work at the same school. None of their colleagues know that they live together and it’s hilarious how they try to keep this a secret. Ha Sun’s parents live in America and at some points in the show she interacts with them but only over the phone. Ji Won’s story is pretty sad because both her parents had passed away. She also has narcolepsy. Jin Hee is a hardworking girl who tries so hard to find a job. She is in love with Yoo Sun’s brother, Kye Sang. The show tells the story according to Kye Sang’s colleague Lee Jeok, who actually narrates the story from time to time. In the show he mentions thoughts about his wife but never really says who she is. The writers keep the viewers guessing until you eventually know who he marries.

Throughout the drama, Lee Jeok gets irritated by all the young women in both households. He is annoyed by their quirks and the things that they say. It was interesting to hear his thoughts during his interaction with each of the women. It’s always his inner thoughts that we hear and his over active imagination that we see. He pretty much keeps quiet even though we, as the viewer, see how mad he is.

In the show you see the younger characters develop and grow through their experiences. This is what is great about a show this long. You get to know the characters so much better than if the show was only 16 episodes long. The downside of that is, while you’ve felt like you’ve grown with the characters and felt their hardships, it’s going to eventually end. I was so sad when there were no more episodes left.

High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged wasn’t as popular as the other two shows that came out before it. Apparently people didn’t think that this show was original enough. I don’t know about others, but I really liked it. I hadn’t seen the other two but I heard that the ending for the second series was not great.

I still recommend this show for people to see because it was hilarious and the characters are lovable.

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