Mother Nature and I are at Odds

Lately I’ve been wanting to exercise again. Now that I’m getting older I’m trying to maintain a healthy weight and eat healthier. However, Mother Nature must have some sort of vendetta against me because every time I want to have a consistent schedule with running, it rains/snows. Whenever I’m lazy to run, it’s sunny. What’s up with that? Is this some sort of sign that I shouldn’t be running (lol). Also, not only with running, but with going out to hang out with friends or just to study, the weather has been messing with me. When I wanted to go out to see Silver Linings Playbook, Mother Nature decided that it should sleet, snow and rain that day. Of course, I went to see it any way. Guess what happened. The weather wasn’t that bad when I left. Apparently it was sleeting only in the town I lived in (smh). I mean, it was a little gloomy but it still wasn’t as bad. Now, I’m starting to believe that maybe I might have wronged Mother Nature in my past life. If so, I’m deeply sorry (haha, I’m joking). But seriously though, I really want to go running.

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