In Dreams

In my dreams I’m sometimes running. I’m always running slow and I can never pick up my feet fast enough. My legs are heavy and weak. I sometimes have to walk on my knees. It’s always the same. Dreams are interesting in a way because I feel that they tell a story about a person. Some may say that dreams have no meaning at all and that they are just stories the brain makes up from jumbled bits of information stored in our memories. I guess that both theories can be true. I’m not much of a realist when it comes to things like this so I tend to believe that dreams have some meaning to them. I try to find meanings to recurring themes in my dreams. For example, the ones where I can’t run. I feel as though since I haven’t gotten my life sorted out and I’m still unemployed and in school, I’m dreaming this because I think that I am stuck and not going fast enough in life. Many of the people I used to know in high school have gotten married and I’m still in school trying to get my own life started. It’s a bit stressful. I think about that often and in this economy it is hard to find a job. Even though they say that there is a shortage in nursing, not a lot of people are hiring. Not sure if my worries are related to my dreams but I think that they are.

There is also this superstition from where I’m from. If you dream about teeth falling out, then something bad is about to happen. I hate those dreams. Not sure if you guys have anything like that from where you are from. But aside from that, dreams are pretty interesting when you analyze them. I used to write down my dreams when I wake up but I haven’t been doing that lately. If you’d like to share any interesting dreams, feel free to comment!

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