With school I don’t really have much time to play video games. I barely do now which really sucks. When I do though, it’s great because I get to release stress and tension especially with games like Halo or GTA. I’ve been watching Meg Elisabeth Smith on YouTube and I find her “Gamer Habits” series entertaining in that I can relate to a lot of them.

The video I posted is the one where you press some buttons to move your character or make your character do something and it doesn’t get executed correctly. You then find yourself yelling, “I didn’t tell you to do that!” It’s funny because you’re the one who pressed the buttons but it’s, of course, the character’s fault. He/she made me push the wrong buttons. I also find myself physically moving while gaming. If my character has to go around the corner I move as if to peak over the side of the wall. I also move my controller when I’m playing a racing game. My hand tips left when I’m going left and tips right when I’m turning right. Also when I don’t think that the character is moving left, right or forward enough I find myself pushing the controller extra hard on that side just to accomplish the task. I feel like I’m going to break a controller one day doing that.

Oh and the yelling and cursing. Everyone does it. Don’t pretend you don’t (lol). It’s so bad when I’m mad and gaming at the same time. It’s not good. I advise that you don’t bring your children in the room. You might not want to be in the room either. I’ll just annoy you (haha).

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