Is that really a bookstore?


I would really love to go to this bookstore just to look around. It looks magical in this type of lighting. I’m sure it doesn’t look this ethereal in real life but it probably comes close.

This is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before it carried books, the theater named, El Ateneo, opened in 1919. Then in the 1920s it became a cinema. Around the year 2000 it became a bookstore. So from theater to cinema to bookstore, it still retains it’s majestic beauty. Just look at the ceilings and the attention to detail. It’s one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve seen. It’s great that even though it is not being used for entertainment, they found a way to bring people to this wonderful place.



  1. That is a gorgeous library. What an interesting idea – to turn an old theatre into a bookstore. Has it been in business long? It’s beautiful, but it’s hard to keep a bookstore in business!


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